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For Internet Radio stations, the most important supply you need is The Internet. It is a real 'wild west' out there and the internet has attracted some of the worst scammers ever known to mankind.  That doesn't mean the internet is bad. Quite the opposite, its because its so good that the bad boys are trying to use it to cheat and defraud people. It's very important to know what you are doing and who you are doing it with. Your own broadcast consultant can probably help you. (e.g. Worldwide Broadcast Consultants).

While its possible to 'host' the programmes from any existing broadband coinnection, it's likely be unsuitable.  Far better to select a serving company who will host the station, and other web acivities.

Online stations need a web host for three or four different services

1.  To carry the streaming signal to your listeners.
2.  To display theradio station's web pages
3.  To carry listener and commercial email traffic

Web Domains

for radio


You probably have a domain already, one that was given free by your ISP and it is bound to have their name tied into it. Far better to have your own trading name or your radio station's name, as the core of your web address, and your email addresses.

One of the most important aspects of promotion of any business is having your contact details easy to remember and especially your web address.  Once you have decided on the name for your radio station, the next thing you should do is get a suitable web address.

If your radio station has a short name, or a common one, the chances of getting that as a domain, or URL, are much less than a made up name. If your radio station is 'GreatSounds' for example, you are more likely to find a suitable domain name than if its simply KISS FM as all the really useful 'KISS' URLs went some years ago. for example has been secured by iHeartRADIO, the biggest radio group in the USA. (If you were determined to use KISS FM however, there are many URLs possible by using a different 'suffix',- or 'top level domain'. 

A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the last part of the URL. Instead of dotcom, how about “dot today”? There are dozens of suffixes in use. It's probably a good idea to avoid the cumbersome TLDs that don't trip off the tongue easilly. We've always been averse to TLDs that have too many 'dots' in the URL as getting just one of these in the wrong place will mean no one finds your radio station. 

One of the rarer suffixes that is unlikely to be offered to you by regular ISPs is the 'dot FM' (.FM) suffix. The domain holders are one of the few who published a 'recently dropped' domain names list, so you can see what has suddenly become available once again.  Plus of course, a dot FM suffix domain is one of the most ideal ones for a radio station, and the owners of the Dot FM company who issue these keep their domains exclusively for media companies.

Second Level Domains
There may be some interest in using a second level domain to make a suitable URL. The SLDs are a couple of letters immediately before the Top Level Doman, such as the 'co' letters in a URL ending, or the 'acc' part of They usually refer to the type of organisation - 'co' is short for commercial, or company, while 'ac' means an academic institution, such as college or university.

The 'dot FM' TLD registry are now offering dot FM domains at very special rates - see here.  If the one you really want has gone, they now also have .radio.FM and .radio.AM domains available. There is a link to DOT FM in this logo where you can order your own eye catching name today.

One of the best all round web supply companies most suited to radio are Listen2MyRadio. Established in 2006 as the first free shoutcast hosting company on the internet, Listen2MyRadio remains the biggest free shoutcast hosting company. More than a million users have signed up to their free and premium services. They offer all aspects of streaming over the internet from servers in the UK, USA, Canada and Germany. There is a free access service which is supported by adverts, or by paying a monthly charge you can accommodate up to 5,000 listeners. There is no limit on bandwidth. 

The Listen2MyRadio system has a web-based media administration and automation control panel which allows radio station owners to manage their Internet Radio services in a secure environment. For the Premium accounts this is the highly regarded Centova Cast control panel. It is user friendly, can configure your stream for you automatically, give comprehensive statistics and royalty reports as well as feature rich default station web pages.

Listen2MyRadio uses a variety of technology including SHOUTcast, Wowza, Windows Media, Virtuozzo and Centova. Stations can stash 5 GB (or more on request) of files in their account for use with AutoDJ allowing their station to continue playing even when unmanned. You can have your own bespoke Media Player added into your web site.

Mobile Radio App

Stations can also be heard on their iPhone Mobile  app: RCC Radio, which plays playing in the background while other apps are in use. It gives links to 'now playing, radio station web site and other useful features that make listening a rewarding experience.

Instant setup is available for Listen2MyRadio meaning that your station could be on the air within the hour! Take a look at their great rates HERE. They currently have a 50% discount special introductory rate for all Live365 radio station customers suddenly experiencing difficulties in 2016, due to the recent CRB rate changes. (Live 365 closed down at the end of January, though they hope to rebound and return to the air).
You can grow your radio station hugely by using email correctly. First, you must have a system in place to ensure that your radio station doesnt SPAM listeners.

Always get them to OPT IN to your list for radio station news, etc.  We use AWeber and have our clients split into several lists so we can cater for their interests better. We ALWAYS add an unsubscribe link at the bottom of everything we send out, and we use a professional organisation to curate our lists and send our email. that just about keeps you 'clean'. 

The AWeber rates are very reasonable too - but you can take a 30 day free trial and see how you like it first, which is always worth doing. They currently offer month FREE TRIAL. 
With Hostgator there are no lengthy or complex coding routines to learn, their installation procedures are completely painless and will get you online very quickly. They also offer a superb array of templates for  your to use. Everything they do carries a no-quibble 45 day guarantee. Hostgator's web hosting service is second to none and is installed with a single click. You get unlimited bandwidth, any number of additional 'bells and whistles', starting at less then $5 a month.

Hostgator Internet radio hosting


They are not a total specialist radio specialist  but are good  at all web hosting. They are the largest web hosting company in the world and offer a reliable service.

Now with over 500 staff, they have a lot of experience at handling radio station accounts and make everything easy to access and control.

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Better still, download a copy of their useful booklet called "Growing your Business with EMail Marketing". therte are lots of really useful tips in there. (Download it FREE here)

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Getting a really good domain.
Selecting a suitable domain name is an important part of your promotion and will also help with marketing your station to advertisers.  There are three basic routes to getting a suitable domain. 

1. Select a fresh new domain name.
The shortest ones have all been taken - or have they. Its worth checking out your thoughts and ideas. 

Some key tips -  the dot com TLD domain names are reserved for business, for several reasons. Others may be cheaper, but as always, you get what you pay for.  Another thing you should avoid is underscores in a name, or dashes. Numbers too can confuse your potential visitors.  KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is a byword in selecting a domain.

2. Buy a pre-registered domain.
If the combination you really want, perhaps for branding or your own emotional reasons, has been taken, check the owner of it. They might not be using it and could be willing to sell it on to you. 

3. Catch a 'Dropping' Name.
Another option may be for you to catch a 'dropping' name.  Domains must be registered regularly to remain in service and people often either forget to renew their names, or don't bother, usually because they have no further use for it. These 'dropped' domains then get released back into the market.

You can get access to lots more general domains
from the HostGator web site

Unlike traditional radio stations, online streamers send all their programme output to listeners via the internet.  This is strictly unicasting and, while it can be done from servers in the radio station's studios direct, the arrangements this is unusual. Even the BBC have someone else distibute their output.  It is easier to let a centralised server hub take care of all the arrangements. There are many of transmission providers.

Some companies (such as Radionomy in Belgium) take care of other liabilities too, such as copyright payments. They are ideally placed to do so as they have the data on how many listened and for how long, essential in calculating the rights dues that your station must pay.

Some companies, such as Listen2MyRadio have complete packages which take care of automation provision too. Most come complete with AutoDJ, a very well regarded piece of automations software.  It enables you to close your studio down and have the server assemble and distribute your station's programme automatically for part of the day.

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