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Asiyabasimah jingle singer

Audio Brand Central 

ABC are based in California.  The company was founded by Rich Germaine and is part of the Media Arts Institute. They are specialists in jazz (running several national Jazz Radio programme networks in the USA) and produce a range of jingles. 
ABC's web site has a wealth of interesting material, including an 'Infinite Dial' video presentation by Edison Research and Triton Digital on the impact of Internet Radio.

Radio Jingles Pro   

RadioJinglesPro is an international online radio imaging and production magazine, who have also been producing jingles since 2005.
Their branding includes Arabic jingles, artist drops, sound effects, music beds and AudioSweets, which is the uiltimate 'pick'n'mix' imaging toolkit! 

LFM Audio

A jingle producer based in New Zealand, LFM's material is heard in many other countries. They do sung jingles for radio, music beds, drop-ins and many other types of produced audio. You can cherry pick the cuts you want, rather than having to buy a full package. LFM Audio has been creating affordable audio for the radio business since 2004. 

ReelWorld Jingles

ReelWorld began in a one bed apartment in Seattle in 1994 producing  jingles for just one client. ReelWorld opened in Europe in 2011 and are now based in Media City in Manchester.
Reelworld's jingles have aired on over 2,000 stations. Their Production Vault is a very comprehensive suite of production elements, suitable for almost any format. Their  jingles can enhance your on air sound, match any music texture and  fit alongside any song.  ReelWorld jingles are used by leading stations all over the world.

S2 Blue Jingles

S2Blue are an innovative audio
company who produce imaging
jingles, music, e-learning audio,
radio and TV commercials.
The company was founded by legendary DJ and ComProd manager Steve England and is now run by his son Simon Prentice. They have cultivated an impressive client base, which includes most of the major players in British broadcasting. The team comprises a talented team of musicians, engineers, producers, script writers, vocalists and voice overs, who can produce tracks of the highest quality.
For those radio stations that want a sweet sound, sister company AudioSweets offers a whole range of material including sung jingles, full fat custom imaging, a frequently updated imaging suite and buyout tools. From soft AC to 'in your face' CHR imaging - all with that unique sweet sound.
S2Blue are the exclusive agents for PAMS in the UK and Eire. They have assembled a team of great singers that can sing your lyrics over the well known PAMS tracks and they use authentic vocal arrangements to get the sound just right. S2Blue have resung many heritage PAMS cuts for stations such as BBC Radio 2 to produce period jingles suitable for nostalgia programmes. PAMS jingles can also be used in parody features too, making comedy features sparkle and really stand out. 

Westwood One

Probably one of the best known radio brand names, Westwood One are one of the leading radio production companies in the USA, well known for supplying complete series of programmes with very well-known presenters.  Their material is heard by an estimated 245 million radio listeners each week through over 8,000 affiliate stations. Westwood One also have a radio jingle production section TM Creative, based in Dallas, and specialising in creative branding packages.
Another associate company of Westwood One is called Shortbus. They have thousands of special effects and beds as well as pre-built sweepers and workparts, just waiting for your VO. Shortbus also do TV and movie drops and offer tons of raw listener audio all suitable for a variety of radio formats in every market.  Other companies under the Westwood One wing are Benztown Imaging and APM Music which has over 400,000 tracks of library music available.
There is even an 'all jingles' radio station called JingleMad Radio (you can log on here).  It programmes jingles non stop, 24/7. It's well thought out, uses PSquared's Myriad software and is based at Media City in Manchester. The station features announcements and IDs from many famous radio presenters in the UK and USA. Among those you will hear are Pat Sharp, Cousin Brucie, Hirsty, Bruno Brooks, Adrian Juste, Mike Read, Carlos and Pete Waterman.  The station launched with a resung Chris Moyles jingle (hear that resing here).
S2 Blue Jingles logo

Affordable Radio IDs & Jingles

Even on Fiverr and other skills selling services you can find lots of people offering to produce jingles for your station. Here is a page from Fiverr that's literally full of them, with prices as low as £3.44 per cut, although you might not be best pleased with the quality of the very cheapest. 
Wall of Jingle Carts
radio jingles being sung
Music Creative long banner

Asiyabasimah jingle singer jingle singer
Music Radio Creative are based on the Isle of Wight but have voices literally all over the world, so are likely to be able to come up with something that suits your station.
They also produce a variety of sweepers, drop-ins, accapellas, power intros and all kinds of production elements; everything you might need to make your radio station sound authoritive and memorable. There is a page illustrating the different packages they do with audio samples - well worth hearing. (Listen to the MCR demos here.)
Music Radio Creative can supply stations with a complete package of radio station IDs, or just a single host package for just over £100 - a bundle of promos, IDs and ad sweepers for a professional radio hosts is just £175 from Music Radio Creative who offer great sounding audio at an affordable price, and their products are all available online.
Podcasters are also catered for by Music Radio Creative who can take your podcast to the next level.  They are a one stop shop for all kinds of audio needs including podcast intros, outros or podcast single breaks.  With custom themes to full podcast training and audio branding packages. 
Music Radio Creative have a wide variety of voices available to them, literally dozens of high impact memorable voices who will enhance your station sound or your DJ IDs. Have a look, and a listen, to some of the MCR voices here.
They also have a range of generic jingles and IDs available for immediate download, have a listen to the latest 2016 demo here. Audio samples of Music Radio Creative's other work can be found here and there is also access to MCR's Podcasts with Mike and Izabella discussing the latest studio topics.
Jinglemad Radio banner
radio jingles being sung
Jinglemadradio does not run any commercials, but does run old 'heritage' adverts in the form of jingles for historical illustrative purposes (but none for jingle companies?). There are even jingle demos included in the output, including the demo sent by JAM to BBC Radio One.  Jinglemadradio even has a playlist and its schedule includes the work of most of the to UK jingle companies. Click play on the cart machine below to hear it, or email Roy Martin.

Jinglemad Radio

Boxes of Radio Jingles
Two Radio Jingle Singers
Speech Bubble Aliya
Hey everyone!
I'm Asiya, a professional model, voice over artist and the master BELIEVABLE spokesperson. I offer a quick turn around and exceptional video and audio quality.   
Radio station jingles are, at their most basic,  a simple recitation of the station name and strap line. These usually feature the same voice, often bought in from a voice over agency or jingle company, such as those on this page.
One of the best jingle makers we've heard recently is a Shania Twain soundalike called Asiya who not only sings her own jingle to illustrate her skills, but does a dance too! Asibasimah is a professional audio engineer, singer, writer, and producer of reggae, pop, country and dance music, to name a few!
Asiya is also a model and makes her own videos. She has ten years experience in music production and is a professional audio engineer with lots of expertise under her belt.
You can contact Asiyabasimah HERE and see her video & audio demos & get her details.
radio jingles playout machine
The radio jingles market is an old one that came to the fore in the 1960s. The biggest and best known jingle company was PAMS, Promotional and Marketing Services of Dallas, whose jingles are well remembered by many millions. They were very well produced with sizzling hi-hats, blaring brass, pounding bass and soaring singers' voices.  PAMS jingles are still in use at stations all over the world, even though PAMS went out of business in the 1970s. Many jingles companies supply copies of various series of PAMS jingles, resung for today's stations. 
Other jingles well known in the 1960s were Pepper & Tanner, GWIN Sound,Cliff Adams and Wave Audio Creations with JAMS, Century 21 and TM  being the biggest in the 1970s. In the UK, Radio Caroline's Steve England set up Alfasound-Tapetrix to make jingles and only recently retired from his S2Blue company, which is now run by his son Simon.
A good archive to immerse yourself in, if you want to learn about the history of the world's greatest radio jingle packages or just generally explore jingles, is Norman Barrington's Radio Pages or JingleMad Radio.

Make your own

jingles with Audacity!

Audacity is a superb piece of audio recording software, that can handle most kinds of audio and enable you to edit your own cuts. It's FREE to download - just click on the Audacity logo, above.
You can get really good results with the  Audacity software, but your talent in audio production is an important ingredient! Your talent can be developed and nurtured through a suitable training programme - always get some good tuition, such as Audacity Flex which is training that works. Audacity Flex is thorugh and has been the start to many top recording engineers' careers.
Audacity Flex currently have a special offer with 650 FREE sounds for use in making your own jingles; well worth the £30 for the course. Why not enrol now?  You will learn far more than you could ever read in books or on the web. LINK
Audacity software download link
Now you've got top-notch recording software - make sure you learn how to use all its features!

Recording Software Training

Audacity flex is a video course of 9+ videos, teaching and demonstrating how to use audacity and how to learn it in few days. In fact, you can even do this in less than a day! The video course is a quick summarization of every important thing in audacity you need to learn and know. It is invaluable in helping to discover new features and improve your overall skills.
Click banners for details of
the Audacity Flex training
10 easy-to-follow videos,
A FREE 21 page PDF manual
AudacityFlex was put together by DJ Max who has twelve years experience in broadcast and studio work. He simplified the many processes and practices used in the software to help you use Audacity more effciiently, potentially saving you masses of time. 
Click the banners for full details.
Rob Charles picture

Rob Charles


Rob Charles is one of the best known radio presenters & voice over artists in the north of the UK. Rob has been presenting Radio shows on radio stations around the World since 1983 including the legendary Radio Caroline & the Voice Of Peace in Israel. His voice has been heard on radio station jingles and IDs all over the World too.
Rob is also the voice of 'Mike', the breakfast DJ on Peter Kay's comedy car-sharing programme, and on many jingles and IDs on radio stations around the world.
If you need a voice for your radio sweeper or DJ Name check or TV /Radio commercial, then get in touch. Rob's website has a Podcast Page, as well as access to the Rob Charles Music Channel. 

Radio Production Company

The Radio Production Company have over 15 years experience in creating great radio jingles, audio imaging, and advertising for:
UK Commercial Radio, Internet, RSL, Community stations, and for mobile DJs, Club DJs, website audio content and podcasts.  
The first thing to do with any purchase like this is to have a listen to their audio demo. On these you’ll hear how their audio imaging sounds, and get an idea of what they can do for you.  RPC's audio demo is a Soundcloud file which you can hear via this link.
Radio production Company jingle Studio

Radio & DJ

Jingles - a history

Make Me a DJ Advert

Radio Station  and DJ Jingles

Learn Freestyle rapping Advert

DJ Jingles


Radio Station JINGLES

Learn Freestyle rapping Advert
MCR Jingle Singer
Free Sound effects
Free sounds effects offer
Audacity Flex
They might have a sound effect or a music bed added or could be a short sung ditty. All should match and become part of an 'identity' for your station. If heard often enough, listeners will eventually recall them very easilly, which will help them recall your station too, perhaps many years after it changes name or even closes.