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Full details telling you what you need, how to assemble everything, how much should you pay and how to launch. Where do you get the bandwidth to broadcast, which system should you use and how do you promote your  station?

To get this information on a seminar or course would cost about $1,500. Download it today, onto your computer, tablet or any iPhone and read all 77,000 words straight away. 

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We believe that radio was discovered and not invented.  The spectrum and principles of transmission always existed before mankind was aware of them, and they are a natural resource, available for all to make use of and enjoy.  No one 'owns' radio frequencies, they are as free as sunlight (which is the same kind of energy but with a higher frequency).  We  do not advocate breaking laws and encourage our clients to always choose a legal solution.

WBC Areas of Operation

Licence Applications  (our speciality)
Equipment Procurement
Project Management
Staff Recruitment
Team Training
Launch Supervision

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Worldwide Broadcast Consultants

WBC operations began in the early 1980s with one experienced consultant advising a company in Scandinavia on the launch of a powerful AM commercial radio station. Success in the project brought recommendations to other broadcasters and the team grew with additional staff members joining to not only take up the workload, but to broaden the expertise 'in house'. 

Radio Transmission equipment

The WBC team alredy had a lot of expertise with high power radio transmistters, including Medium Wave, Short Wave, FM and Television.  The consultancy initially contracted out radio studio work to other consultants but this aspect of assistance as then brought 'in house' too.  The consultancy was by then able to offer complete advice on the entire radio broadcast chain,  'microphone to the antenna'. 

For the various areas of transmission equipment (studio and RF equipment, such as processors) see TRANSMISSION on this site and the various sub pages, such as AutomationMicrophones, Mixers, etc.

Studio Equipment

An experienced broadcaster who had worked in many radio studios, both 'self-op' and tecnician driven joined the team which added tremendous depth to the skills within the consultancy. WBC then began training sessions for its clients with new equipment. Several well-known equipment manufacturers commissioned advice on the ergonomics and other aspects of day-to-day operation, which in turn gained Worldwide Broadcast Consultants ever more credibility with its existing clients and an increasing flow of new enquiries.

Licensing work

WBC (Worldwide Broadcast Consultants) listened to certain clients and would-be broadcasters and was able to find solutions to the biggest problem in Europe - the lack of broadcast opportunities, due to governments having a firm control and limit on the number of licenses issued. By innovative and sometimes "off the wall" thinking, WBC was able to help clients circumvent the often draconian legislation and obtain licences for a varity of services -  local, regional, national and international.  And all within the law! WBC works closely with well-established legal practitioners in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.