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Sometimes, music is my only friend  

by Harry Buckle

Great new books  about the music business

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Radio Book Shelf
    Harry is aiming to regularly refresh this with interesting content - updated at least weekly - and all well worth reading. However, simply because he has some content ready to hand he is  starting with some stuff associated with his various novels: 'Just in Time.' and coming soon, 'Just in Case' followed by 'Just One Day'.

      As it happens, all three are fiction - thrilling in an easy and fairly laconic way-- someone reviewed 'Just in Time' as being : 'Think Peter Mayle on a world tour ', but all three do revolve around matters that could seriously impact on us all.

      Also some new stories and happenings from the very real world of Harry's journey from the swinging sixties world of journalism, to owning a music company and, in a surprise to him, over the next thirty years his company had top of the pop charts hit records in almost every country of the world. All the details are recalled and revealed in 'Sometimes Music is My Only Friend'.

        'Pop music revealed' sounds a little tabloid overkill, but in the book, Harry does indeed 'reveal' ...'own up'...'confess,'  to his somewhat chaotic and unwilling co-option by the Secret Services of both the UK's  MI6 and Russia's KGB. Then there's the true story of his visits to No.10 Downing Street not to mention the naked photo of Prime Minister Harold Wilson. (Not me guv.Honest!). So grab yourself a copy, and come back soon; the global roller coaster will depart the station soon.
Harry Buckle.   Oct. 2017.
Poptastic, Tony Blackburn book cover.
Tony Blackburn is probably one of the most recognizable disc jockeys in British radio. In this book Tony looks back on the time he has spent in radio and the media.

Tony began his radio career on the then newly launched RADIO CAROLINE in July 1964. After a couple of years he was shanghaied onto Caroline's competitor,  Radio London, before coming ashore in 1967 to join the BBC Light Programme.  His was the first voice to be heard on the BBC's Radio One when it launched, and became the best known DJ in Britain.

Many years hosting TV's Top of the Pops didn't make him immune from the BBC management's manic desire to control. He was sidelined to local radio for a while and then in 2016 the DG of the BBC, Lord Hall fired him, but reinstated him later in the year. 
This book was written in 2007 and is all about  the stars he befriended, the rivalries in radio he endured, the friendships made, and broken, all told in Tony's own charming and candid style.

The book explores Tony's unique brand of playing, presenting and enjoying music; a refreshing story.

Without doubt, Tony is one of the best pitchmen ever in radio, but he is also one of the most sincere, whether talking about his love life or his beloved soul music, Tony is one of the most genuine and  believable people in the business. Still going strong in 2017, and the key celebrant of Radio One's 50th biorthday, Tony is once again heard nationally on FM and DAB on BBC Radio Two, and is more popular than ever. 




y life in Radio  

by Tony Blackburn

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DJS Recod Player Book
The Record Players book is a tribute to the obsessives, the playboys and to the musical eccentrics who founded the craft of DJing. The guys (and they are mostly all guys!) who developed wild new techniques for performing with recorded music, and revolutionised the way we create and enjoy it.

The DJs  gave us new ways to have the times of our lives and built a worldwide industry of nightlife and dance music. From unsung pioneers to overheated superstars, these are the people who made playing records matter.  The book is written by Bill Brewster, who is well known in the sphere for his excellent book Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (not got one yet? they have some HERE).

The Record Players is a massive (alomost 500 pages!) book published by Virgin that has been in and out of the Top ten digital music books since it was published (2012).  It includes in-depth interviews with 50 of history's most significant DJs, including Fabio, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Cool Herc, John Peel, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Shadow, Paul Oakenfold, Norman Cook, Pete Tong, Tiesto, Dreem Teem, Jeff Dexter and many more.  You can get a copy by tomorrow from Amazon - click Here.
This book, Last Night a DJ Saved my Life (named after a 1982 hit for INDEEP) To celebrate 100 years of the art of Disc Jockeying, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton have expanded and updated their classic book which tells a lot of the history of the disc jockey.

The role of a DJ seems to have been born on Christmas Eve, 1906 when Reginald Fessenden became the first person to play a record over the radio. A century later and the DJ is the central figure in popular music. From these humble 'talking jukebox' origins to today's DJ superstars earning rock star salaries with a fanbase to match, the history of the DJ is fascinating and unpredictable.

The story of these unlikely cultural icons takes the reader through the swinging sixties, through the sequinned revolution that was disco, via hip hop and house to mass-market global domination. The book is available byclicking on its cover, or from Amazon - HERE.
DJ saved my life single cover