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Without doubt the best resource for the latest information about the state of the sale of used vinyl records. This hefty tome lists over one hundred thousand (100,000) of the rarest records known to be 'on the market' in the UK, along with a good consolidation of the latest prices each is achieving when sold. 

Collaboration by some of the leading experts in the fireld, RRPG is now in its 14th edition and covers all kinds of pop, soul, dance, rock and many more sub genres. Singles, albums, even CDs and 8 tracks are included,  where these are appropriately rare. This 1400+ page publication provides an A to Z guide to rare and collectable UK releases with catalogue numbers, B-sides, release dates and current mint values for every UK single worth over £5, every EP (ask your dad!) over £10, each CD single with a value over £8, Album (LP) worth over £12 and CD album over £18

No matter how obscure your taste you'll find the most sought after items here whether your particular obsession is 50's rockabilly, 60's MOR, 70's jazz funk, 80's post punk, hip-hop, reggae, Northern Soul, British Jazz or today's indie bands. If it is collectable, and it was released in the UK, then you'll find it in the Rare Record Price Guide!

The book comes out bi-annually, and previous year's editions still sell for quite hefty prices, illustrating what a valuable 'labour of love' this book is. Constantly revised and updated, no self respecting record collector or music fan should be without a copy. I am sure you will be using it for many years and it will give many years of enjoyment, for you and, once they realise you have a copy, for all your friends. too.

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This is a story of human endeavour and risk, international politics, business success and financial failures. I's a story of innovation, technical challenges, changing attitudes, unimaginable battles with nature, disasters, frustrations, challenging authority and the promotion of love and peace while, at times, harmony was far from evident behind the microphone.

For one person to tell the full Radio Caroline story would be impossible, but there are many who were involved over the years  and whose memories and experiences bring this modern day adventure story of fighting overwhelming odds to life. Featuring many rare photographs and unpublished interviews with the 'pirates' who were there, Ray Clark, once a Radio Caroline disc jockey, tells the captivating story of "the original boat that rocked!"

Radio caroline Boat rocked book
Ray Clark on Radio Caroline
This witty, revealing memoir tells the story of the author's years spent on a pirate radio ship for Radio Caroline. 

It was THE iconic pirate radio station, immediately capturing the imagination of millions of people when it started broadcasting cutting-edge music to Britain and Ireland in 1964.

When he first went out to the radioship, the Ross Revenge, in December 1985. 21 year old Steve Conway was fulfilling his dream of working on Radio Caroline. He soon became a vital part of Caroline's crew, broadcasting and  helping to keep the vessel seaworthy during fierce storms. 

By pure chance, our hero ends up decorating the flat of Caroline's manager, the beautiful Olga.

In the right bed at the right time, he is given the chance to leave the paint roller behind and join the radio station. Avoiding arrest is just the beginning, avoiding death is somewhere in the middle and at the end, he faces the ultimate price.

Based heavily on the author's real life experiences working on Radio Caroline, this is a fictional  tale of love, hate, fear, joy, betrayal, guns, sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Radio Adventures of the Communicator book cover
Bob's tale is one of derring do, wild weather and high drama on the high seas, and life on the Radio Caroline ship, the Mi Amigo.  It's a fictional drama that is gripping right until the end of the story.

The major figures in the story are based on key personnel in the Radio Caroline team of the late 1970s. Life on board the Caroline ship Mi Amigo was often no less dramatic than Bob's story.

The key character in the tale is called Bob and this is almost a 'Dear Diary' tale of his times with the station.  A painter and decorator in London in the late seventies, the lead loves Charlton Athletic, old war films and listening to Radio Caroline.


A new novel by Alice Oseman.

"Radio Silence is a tour de force by one of the most exciting writer of her generation."
Frances has always been a study machine with one goal, getting into an elite university. Nothing will stand in her way; not friends, not a guilty secret – not even the person she really is on the inside. But when Frances meets Aled, the shy genius behind her favourite podcast, she discovers a new freedom. He unlocks the door to Real Frances and for the first time she experiences true friendship, unafraid to be herself. Then the podcast goes viral and the fragile trust between them is broken. 

About the Author
Alice Oseman is a student from Rochester in Kent,  a student at Durham University in English. Her first novel was called Solitaire. Alice draws on her own experiences for characters, and was once a sarcastic teenager who spent all of her time on internet. Now she has progressed and is now a sarcastic 20-year-old who spends all of her time on the internet.
List price £7.99.
Radio Silence book

Last Great Adventure for Boys


by Bob Lawrence
Steve Conway tells of his time aboard the Ross Revenge: the excitement and danger of living on board ship for long spells, the constant challenge of keeping complex electronic equipment working in sometimes treacherous conditions. While Steve was on the station, the ship lost its magnificent 300 feet tall tower, which collapsed in November 1987.

In the dramatic climax to the book, he tells how he and his few remaining companions narrowly escaped drowning after the ship ran aground. 

Now in its second edition,
Shiprocked is just £9.98
Available from Amazon.


by Steve Conway

RADIO CAROLINE was the world's most famous radio station in the 60s and '70s. This is the story of what really went on behind the scenes, told by one of her best DJs, Ray Clark

A 160 page collection of rare photographs of some of the UK's best loved radio stations, taken by Dave Kindred, former staff photographer of the East Anglian Daily Times.  The book is assembled by long time Radio Caroline and BBC DJ Keith Skues and has an introduction by Johnny Beerling who ran BBC Radio One for almost 20 years.

Skues Radio book

Pirate Radio:

an illustrated history

by Keith Skues

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An up-to-date "How To" guide for anyone thinking of starting their own radio station. It's a fully comprehensive guide that considers the very latest radio broadcasting scenario, where the methods of broadcasting programmes to the population has divided into two very different routes.

While traditional broadcasting via the ether has continued to thrive, the use of the internet to carry radio and TV programmes to the global audience has exploded. This is largely due to the medium of internet streaming being free of government licensing. Would be broadcasters need only comply with legal requirements regarding libel and slander, and pay copyright fees for commercial music they might broadcast. So far, over 100,000 stations have been launched.

Internet radio Book cover picture
   How to launch and operate your own station

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How to Make Great Radio  by David Lloyd.

A book full of tips and techniques aimed at today's broadcasters and radio producers, its written by David Lloyd who has extensive experience of independent radio in the UK. David began his career as a presenter at Radio Trent and Leicester Sound before becoming part of the team who launched Lincs FM, now a profitable chain of local radio stations in the East Midlands and in the Yorkshire.

This “how to” guide covers both music and speech formats as practiced in the UK and focuses on both the technical and artistic aspects of broadcasting. It's a well balanced book with lots of anecdotal examples which sets out to bottle what David calls 'memorable radio'. It's effectively split into two parts - the art side of presentation forms the first part of the book while the practical aspects form the second part.

This book covers the real life episodes of radio in the 21st century. “Play Misty for me” is  a chapter which discusses over-enthusiastic listeners, a topic few authors dare approach.

“Using the right words” is another chapter containing many nuggets of advice from this maestro of ILR. “Listeners don't share we enthusiasts' love of the technology, so references to the various 'bits and bobs' and 'wotsits' that you have to wrestle with in the studio are unlikely to interest them.”  A very important lesson!

David Lloyd's “How to Make Great Radio” book is likely to be one of the most useful guide's to working in the medium for many years to come and the 300 page paperback is available by clicking on the cover for just £13.48 or as an eBook for £7.47.

How to make Great radio book cover
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A Radio Presenters Guide to the Law is a potentially very useful manual for presenters of all types. With libel and slander laws pervading almost every corner of media, and legal costs potentially a killer for small scale radio operators, the advice and guidance in this book is very important. How would you deal with allegations of defamation and contempt? Perhaps the best advice is to avoid it altogether and this book can help you do just that. It's a manual that describes what you can and what you must not quote from newspapers.

Hang The DJ is written by BBC Journalist and Trainer Paul Hollins. The book also has contributions from legendary radio guru and consultant Paul Chantler, who has considerable experience as a journalist and news editor in radio. Hang The DJ is available as a 84 page softback book for £14.99 or as a Kindle for £9.35 from Amazon. A lack of knowledge of these laws is no defence if you find yourself involved in legal proceedings, so this book includes plenty of real-life examples of things that have gone wrong in the past. The aim is to give broadcasters the knowledge and confidence to avoid similar mistakes.
radio Hang The DJ

Poptastic, Tony Blackburn book cover.

Tony Blackburn is probably one of the most recognizable disc jockeys in British radio. In this book Tony looks back on the time he has spent in radio and the media.

Tony began his radio career on the then newly launched RADIO CAROLINE in July 1964. After a couple of years he was shanghaied onto Caroline's competitor,  Radio London, before coming ashore in 1967 to join the BBC Light Programme.  His was the first voice to be heard on the BBC's Radio One when it launched, and became the best known DJ in Britain.

Many years hosting TV's Top of the Pops didn't make him immune from the BBC management's manic desire to control. He was sidelined to local radio for a while and then in 2016 the DG of the BBC, Lord Hall fired him, but reinstated him later in the year. 
This book was written in 2007 and is all about  the stars he befriended, the rivalries in radio he endured, the friendships made, and broken, all told in Tony's own charming and candid style.

The book explores Tony's unique brand of playing, presenting and enjoying music; a refreshing story.

Without doubt, Tony is one of the best pitchmen ever in radio, but also one of the most sincere, whether talking about his love life or his beloved soul music, Tony is one of the most genuine and  believable people in the business. Still going strong in 2017, heard nationally on FM and DAB on BBC Radio Two, he is more popular than ever. 
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y life in Radio  

by Tony Blackburn

When he was young,  Johnnie Walker was obsessed with music and loved to share that passion.  He began DJing in dance halls and pubs around his Solihull home, working by day as a used car salesman and riding the wheels of steel after dark!

He made all the usual approaches and eventually got his big break when he saw a newspaper article about a new station called Swinging Radio England. He found out where the ships' owners  were staying, got a train to London the next day and talked his way into a job.  Along with another rookie, Roger Day, that short lived station with its innovative format launched Johnnie's  incredible career.

Johnnie Walker biog book
In this book, Johnnie tells of 40 years at the heart of British broadcasting, stints that involved working on the legendary Radio Caroline, BBC Radio 1 and his trip to California working at KSAN, all in order to avoid having to play pop hits by the Bay City Rollers and Jonathan King! His return to the UK airwaves via Radio Luxembourg and the reborn Radio Caroline is also chronicled, as are his more recent times at BBC Radio 2.

Johnnie talks candidly of the stars and musicians he's met and worked with.  He also relates his personal challenges: divorce, exile and his very public struggles with drug addiction and cancer. His life has been inspiring and - above all - entertaining.  A gripping tale of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll!  Interesting read and now only  £9.99

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The Autobiography  

by Johnnie Walker

If you think a consultant is expensive, just wait until you see how much an amateur can cost you!
This is a practical, how-to guide to producing and presenting radio programmes to a professional standard. The book is full of  good advice that captures the essence and buzz of live broadcasting.  It deals with all aspects, from preparing shows, including last minute changes to the running order.

This book also tells radio entrepreneurs how to sell a feature or promote a programme, how to set up competitions and how to think on your feet when hosting  phone in shows. 

The book covers network and commercial, music and talk radio skills. It will particularly suit the independent local or community radio sector, which is where many radio professionals often start out. It features advice from many of the radio industry's professionals.  The book covers best practice with enough 'need-to-know' technical information to get you up and running.  It has tried and tested tips from Peter Stuart who is a specialist BBC radio trainer, and award-winning radio broadcaster with over 15 years of experience. A handbook that everyone ought to read before going on the air.


Essential Radio Skills 


Peter Stuart

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Motor mouth. Loud Mouth. Tubby DJ. Overpaid ego. What is really the truth about the man who rescued BBC Radio 1 from its slide into obscurity?

And who is real Chris Moyles?
A truly 'down to earth' Yorkshireman, who says what he thinks, and makes sure you know he has said it!  And what does he have to say for himself when he's not on the radio?
Who is this man they call 'The Saviour of Radio'?
In The Gospel According to Chris Moyles, Chris dissects the world.  His world, in the only way that Chris can. 

This is a very funny book and a must for everyone else in the radio industry. It made it to the Sunday Times Best Sellers when it came out. Still available and stiull as relevant today, now he is back on breakfasts at X-FM. Chris isn't a regular DJ and maybe a bit of a 'Marmite' character, but what he has to say is still important.

Your choice -
        an eBook via iTunes        or a printed copy via Amazon.

The Gospel according to Chris Moyles

Hang The DJ :


Radio presenters guide to law


by  Paul Chantler & Paul Hollins  

Far Out at Sea tells the story of Radio Seagull and how a bunch of renegades created a truly alternative radio station.

The story of Radio Seagull is a long and interesting one. It began broadcasting in the winter of 1973 from the Radio Caroline ship and was effectively a nightime only rock music station, playing only album cuts. Seagull closed in 1974 but was revived in the early 2000s by Radio Caroline's Dutch staff and supporters, notably Sietse Brouwer.

He bought a disused lightship and has spent the last ten years refitting the ship for broadcasting, which it now does daily from a harbour berth in north Holland.  Not only Radio Seagull, but other stations too use its facilities, which include Medium Wave, FM and DAB.
Radio Seagul book cover

Far Out at Sea,

the story of

Radio Seagull

by Gordon Kelly

Radio Seagull car sticker
The station is much revered by the offshore radio fraternity who make pilgimages to Harlingen to visit the ship. Each summer it goes out to sea for a few weeks to broadcast freely once again - a real life on the ocean waves. 

This book is the Radio Seagull story and is lavishly illustrated with photographs. It features exclusive interviews with the people involved. Far Out at Sea is a must read for all fans of offshore radio and students of multi-national broadcasting.

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Paul Easton's Programming Points book

Paul Easton's Programming Points

Following several years volunteering in hospital radio, Paul’s professional radio career began in 1974, when he joined LBC Radio as a studio operator, working on news programmes, phone-ins and outside broadcasts. He later became a programme producer and, eventually, the station’s Head of Production, where one of his main responsibilities was LBC’s on-air ‘imaging’ and branding.

In 1987 he spent a year with Ocean Sound. From there, Paul went to Vienna where he spent the next two years as a regular freelance presenter and newsreader with Austria’s state  ORF, on their Blue Danube Radio.

Returning to London, Paul joined Melody Radio as one of its original music programmers, before, in 1991, moving to Capital Radio as Assistant Programme Director  where he worked on Capital FM and Capital Gold.

Paul later moved to Capital Gold, where he was responsible for much of the station’s music output, as well as working with radio legends such as Kenny Everett, Alan Freeman and Tony Blackburn as a producer.

In 1994, he left Capital to take up the new post of Head of Programming at Music Choice Europe, the digital satellite music service, where he helped to develop and launch over 40 digital audio channels covering a broad range of musical formats. At the end of 2000, Paul joined UK Radio Developments' as Programme Director of their new DAB digital radio station, FLIX Radio, as well as developing new digital/internet radio station formats.

Since 2002 Paul has been a freelance radio programming consultant.  In 2007 he was part of the launch team at JACKfm with responsibility for programming. He also wrote the fortnightly ‘Programming Points’ column in The Radio Magazine from 2003-2010 and was a judge for several UK radio awards.

The full story of the most fun filled, action-packed radio ship of the 80s, 90s, and 00s. 

The MV Communicator was the base for ELEVEN radio stations during its  time on the North Sea, inland in Holland on the IJsselmeer and in Scapa Flow.  She saw fun, adventure, action and thrilling drama. Read all about it with stories told by the engineers, station owners and DJs who were there.

Click here for FULL DETAILS.

Radio Adventures of

the MV



This book has all the rip-roaring contents of a pirate tale of old, but this all really happned around the North Sea in recent memory.  Discover what really happened on the ship, from the mouths of those who did it!

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copy now,
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the author
Paul Rusling

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Radio Girls novel, book cover

Radio Girls


a paperback


by Sarah-Jane Stratford

An interesting novel set in and around the BBC just after World War I.  Big changes are in the air,  and this time they areally are "in the air" as well as "on the air"  This new novel brings to life the exciting days of early radio broadcasting in Biritain...and about one woman in particular who finds her voice while working in the BBC.London, 1926.

  American-raised Maisie Musgrave is thrilled to land a job as a secretary at the upstart British Broadcasting Corporation, whose use of radio-still new, strange, and electrifying-is captivating the nation. But the hectic pace, smart young staff, and intimidating bosses only add to Maisie's insecurity. Soon, she is seduced by the work-gaining confidence as she arranges broadcasts by the most famous writers, scientists, and politicians in Britain.

She is also caught up in a growing conflict between her two bosses, John Reith, the formidable Director-General of the BBC, and Hilda Matheson, the extraordinary director of the hugely popular Talks programming, who each have very different visions of what radio should be.

Sarah-Jane's work has appeared in Marie-Claire, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Review of Books, Bitch, Slate, Salon, BOMB, etc. 

Sarah-Jane Stratford, novellist
Sarah lives in New York City and has her own web site at as well as a FB page (SarahJaneStratfordAuthor)

Radio production, 5th Edition cover
This is now a classic radio practitioner's text book thats in its fifth edition. An essential book for the shelf of anyone seriously involved in radio production or just wanting to know how to put a good radio programme together.

It  contains the wealth of ideas and practical examples and includes some great  material, some of it being retained from the earliest days.  But its not a rehash - a lot of the items are new and fresh.   It's an essential manual for all kinds of radio trainers and a valuable reference for producers of all levels of experience.

"There are other practical textbooks on the market, but none which combines instruction in the how and why of local broadcasting quite as effectively.'
Broadcast Magazine

'An exceptionally well presented, thorough, and useful book.'
Bill Dorris, Lecturer,
School of Communications,
Dublin City University, Ireland

"It provides a sound introduction to the subject. It is the only title of its kind. There is currently not another title that covers British Radio production in as broad a manner as this."
Ken Hall, Lecturer, Media Production,
University of Teesside, UK

Radio Production  -

5th Edition


a manual by Robert McLeish

RRPG (Rare Record price guide) 2018
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incl P&P.

The book uncovers the truth behind Michael's kidnap by armed terrorists, the story of how his family setting up their own island nation. It tells of the  government sieges, top secret government documents and multiple attempts to bring an end to the Sealand dream of a micro-nation just off the Thames Estualy.

The story might sound to be a novel or fanciful whims of a young schoolboy - but this all really happened.  Michael's father (Roy Bates) was a larger than life character who ran Radio Essex in the 1960s, the UK's first ever local radio station, which broadcast from a smilar fort, The Knock John Tower,  just a few sea miles closer to Southend. When forced off there by changes to the way in which territorial waters are reckoned, the Bates family took over Roughs Tower. Radio Caroline had already occupied it and done some work to turn it into a supply base cum hotel cum offshgore casino. The Bates family occupied Roughs and declared UDI, giving it the new name of Sealand.

Michael's story is about his family's battles to hold the structure against several invaders, but mainly the British Government and a bunch of German thugs.

Holding The Fort
includes previously unseen photos from the Bates family's personal collection. It's a  great read for anyone interested in law, marine matters, radio  and 20th Century real life adventure.

Chris Moyles Radio book
From Radio Caroline's first broadcast in 1964, the buccaneers of the radio world fed their listeners’ desire for pop music.  In doing so, they changed British radio forever. This was real history in the making!
Books about radio programming, personalities & operation
Shelf of Books
Laser Radio Programming describes the various radio programming policies and techniques of the major offshore stations, but especially Radio Caroline, Laser and the Laser project's 'grandad' whose style and fresh format inspired the founders, 1966 super station  - Swinging Radio England.

There's a reprint of Laser's full Operations Manual and a discussion on the format, music playlisting, strap lines, trailer production and other techniques that Laser used to attract an audience of ten million listeners in the UK & Benelux.

LASER helped revolutionise British radio in the eighties; its effects are still felt today and more Laser ideas may be put into action soon, as rules on radio are further relaxed.

The book also looks at how the Laser name, imaging and ethos has been used  to change radio since those exciting days of the 1980s.  The book has a full listing of all the Laser DJs;  biographies & pictures too! (Click on the cover for full details)

This book is ideal for any offshore radio fan or those involved in radio programming who want to know what exactly were Laser's programming policies, the tricks and techniques and the secrets.
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HoldingTTheFort book cover

Radio Caroline:  the boat that rocked  

by Ray Clark


is a gripping story written by former DJ Mark Wesley, who manned the turntables on Radio Essex, Radio 270, Radio Scotland, RNI and Radio Luxembourg.  After a career as an advertising copy writer, jingle-maker, song writer and record producer he has even made films, but is now an action story writer.

Mark Wesley
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FGrack by Mark Welsey

FRACK!   by Mark Wesley

Ex-Captain in the Special Forces, James Stack is broke again. Someone has emptied his Cayman Island bank account and he needs money, fast. Salvation lies in a bag containing a high value asset and a life-threatening chase across the Caribbean to find a villain willing to buy it for cash no questions asked. That is the easy part.

To recover his stolen fortune, Stack must infiltrate the UK fracking business. Nothing must halt the success of the drilling in Derbyshire if he is to ever see his money again. But sabotage deep underground is steering the drill bit towards a massive geological fault. Dormant for hundreds of years, it was about to get a catastrophic wake-up call. In 25 days, they start to frack!

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In 1995 Paul Rusling co-edited a book with his daughter Dawn called Who's Who in British Radio. This was a directory of people working in the radio business, in front of and behind the microphone.  This sold so well they published a further edition in 2002 which was around 600 pages long.

Who's Who in British Radio 2002 met with considerable success, despite its hefty price tag of £29.95 per copy. For many years it has been an important reference work for many in the radio business.

The 1996 edition of Who's Who in British Radio is now out of print  and the 2002 edition is no longer on sale via bookshops, but we found a case of them in our warehouse and are now offering copies for a mere £7, including P&P.  You can pay by card / PayPal, but do it soon as, once these are gone, there will not be any more. It's a great souvenir and is packed with details of many of the best known (and lesser known backroom boys and girls) in British radio.

The book is quite a thick one, with 576 pages of text and pictures of many of your favourite radio people. It will give anoraks and radio afficonados many happy hours - it's also educational so some of you may be able to claim the cost back against tax! 
Who's Who in British radio 2002
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limited  stock
Inc' Post & packing to UK

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There are precious few books about Radio Caroline North, the favourite station of many, especially in the North of England, Scotland and Ireland where the main chunk of its 3 - 4 million audience was. 

Caroline North was the original Caroline, the MV Fredericia. At Easter 1964 she began broadcasting to London and then sailed up to the Isle of Man. The ship was moored in Ramsey bay until March 1968 when it was towed away to Amsterdam.

The station spawned so many broadcasters, including Don Allen, Tony Prince and Dave Lee Travis. They all figure prominently in this all too short book, written by well-respected author, BBC presenter and former Yorkshire TV cameraman, Bob Preedy.

Although less than 100 pages, author BOB PREEDY has crammed in many hitherto unknown details of the Caroline North operation, including the station's office in Lord Street, Liverpool, along with some rare newspaper cuttings describing the isle of Man Government's brave attempts to reject the Marine Offences Act.

A wonderful souvenir of a very special radio station.

  Limited Copies  (Out of Print)
Bob Preedy, author of Radio Caroline North
Author of the
Radio Caroline North - Rockin' & Rollin' book,
RADIO CAROLINE NORTH      Rockin' & Rollin'
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Laser Radio book

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Shiprocked Radio Book

Rare Record

Price Guide 2018 

Record Collector Magazine

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Dan ODay's Radio P{ersonality book
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Dan Oday  Billon DFollar Braddning

Radio Books

Rocking the Boat book cover
Part fiction, but certainly based partially on fact, this is written by IAN ROSS - one of the the original team that launched Radio Caroline in 1964. He was a close friend of Ronan O'Rahilly and reputedly the man who took Ronan to meet his father, a banker, who then introduced most of the money needed to buy the ship and equipment.

Many die-hard Radio Caroline fans criticised the book as not being true - that ignores the fact it is FICTIONAL!   This is more a love story or a romp through those heady days of the first half of the sixties. 

Originally published as a Hard Back ain in the 1990s, it has long been out f print; copies of the softback are now rarte too and the Kindle edition seems the only guaranteed way to get a copy, so we have put a link to that here.

Ian Ross was born in Chelsea and, after a stint at Repton, he helped set up Radio Caroline.  He married debutante Bunty Lampson and had a large family. In 1979 he co-founded ‘Flippers’, a roller-skating nightclub in Los Angeles. When it was closed down in 1982 he worked as a butler in Beverly Hills for four years [about which he subsequently wrote a best selling book. He has six children and fourteen grandchildren and lives in London.
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Rocking The Boat

   by Ian Ross 

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