Recording away from base
Recording “in the field' about ten years ago you would have a large UHER or similar 'transportable' recorder and several different audio processors. The equipment would have been heavy and  usually needed a sound recording engineer to operate it all. Now all you need can be carried in your pocket, whereever you go;  well worth downloading now to your smartphone or tablet.
IK Multimedia are a well known developer of all kinds of transducer and its likely your favourite band have some of their kit on stage or in the studio. They have developed an app called iRig Recorder that we have used to record broadcast quality audio which it handles in professional quality wav files.
Manufacturers IK have now developed an iRig LavMic (on the right), just recently available on the market.
The iRig La Mics are chainable and have built-in monitoring capability. That makes them an ideal hands-free microphone for just £45 suitable for mobile audio broadcasting and recording.
For doing interviews “in the field” the iRig Lav Mic is ideal and it's available in a 'twin pack, giving you two units for £70. They come with removable foam windshields and a carrying case plus they are suitable for iPhones, iPads or Android phones.
iRig recorder status panels
iRig Lavalie Microphone
iRig recorder logo
iRig Mic CAst microphone
The iRig Mic Cast is also very useful for interviews in the field, enabling you to monitor your audio as you record. Click here for more details of the iRig Mic Cast.  It includes a 3.5mm jack socket for you to plug in a headset or ear buds enabling you to monitor audio 'as recorded' in real time. 
The iRig Recorder app not only lets you cut, copy, loop etc your recoding, but has a suite of audio processing on board. (screen shots below)
The iRig Recorder app (link to App Store for immediate download) can also edit on the screen of an iPhone. There is also a FREE option which has less features but the audio quality is just as good; it's full 44 kHZ 16 bit CD quality audio in stereo. There two videos on this page show you how versatile iRig Recorder is and how easy it is to operate.
The software can add emphasis and process your audio quality to get the desired effect, all before you send your audio back to base. That can be done with your phone's internet connection, or you can transfer direct over WiFi  using the software.
The iRig ProDuo is an item we especially recommend.
Some screen shots from the iRig Recorder app are shown below.
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