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One of the best all round web supply companies most suited to radio are Listen2MyRadio. Established in 2006 as the first free Shoutcast hosting company on the internet, Listen2MyRadio remains the biggest.

More than a million users have signed up to Listen2MyRadio's free and their premium services. They offer all aspects of streaming over the internet from servers in the UK, USA, Canada and Germany. There is a free access service which is supported by adverts, or by paying a monthly charge you can host up to 5,000 listeners. There is no limit on bandwidth. 


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Revenue for

radio stations

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There are many potential streams of revenue for radio stations, without having to rely on the traditional 'spot commercials'.  This has been the focus of most commercial radio stations, where time is sold in 30 or 60 second slots, usually in bulk, perhaps 25 packages of those slots over a week.

On this page you will find various other forms of revenue and wasy you can administer your station to provide revenue streams.

The second best known form of revenue generation, after spot advertising, is Sponsorship.  This is where an advertiser has their name associated with a particular programme feature, such as traffic news or the weather forecasts.

Promotional Items
Radio stations might also generate worthwhilel stream of revenue by selling promotional merchanside, such as T-shirts, jackets and other items of apparel. Garments with radio station's logo tend to sell very well, particularly if they are well designed.   These are sold by mail order, or at events the radio station appears with OBs, or over the counter at the radio station office (where the radio station still broadcasts within its service area). 

As well as garments adornbed with the radio station logo, it can be quite lucrative for radio stations to sell music in the form of CDs, or as down loads as well as books and movies.  The majority of this type of business is done by mail order and usually from web pages. 

Streams of

Revenue for

radio stations

Promoting your radio station


While you have thousands of potential customers among your listeners, it's best to use email to reach those who are VERY interested and most likely to buy. Email has surged in popularity since the anti-spam regulations came into force and is much easier for the listener to work with.  Those 'wealth warnings' and other nonsense parroted at breakneck speed simply annoy your listeners. 

Listeners Club
Radio isteners like to be treated special, to be a member of a gang or 'supporters club' of a radio station. They will avidly join your listeners club, for which you can charge a membership fee if you wish to keep it really exclusive. By giving them first news of new products and offers, this will bond the listener even more to your station and they are a ready market for sales of all kinds of items. 

Maintain Email Lists
To administer this its important to use an E-Mail Handling copmpany, who can not only send out thousands of emails for you, to your design and timetbale, immediately, but they will maintain your email list.  It's very important to manage your email list properly, ensuring that only the person whose email it is can join them up.

The Email handling company does this automatically, verifying the new members is who they say they are before edding them to your list.  They will also ensure that at the foot of every email sent out are clear instructions how your customers can 'unsubscrtibe' from the list if they wish. To not add this vital information is illegal in some countries, and it also is very annoying to your customers. 

Public Relations is vital in the radio business - don't overlook how important it is to maintain your email list. Keep it fresh and up to date, so that joining up is a pleasant experience for your customers and they get requests, such as unsubscribe, dealt with efficiently and immediately.

One of the best operators in this sphere is  GetResponse!. We have installed email systems into many radio stations and had the best experience with them. Most importantly, they are easy and straight forward to use.

YouTube Channel Income Advert


Channel Income

Among all the social platforms, YouTube is the biggest and the most vital. In 2017, YouTube has evolved to maintain its strategic position as a video platform that’s the second-largest search engine.

You Tube is now the world's second largest search engine, and among music lovers and certain demographics it is THE leading search engine.
Over 5 BILLION searches on YouTube every DAY!
Imagine, the opportunity to grab this mass audience base. But, you should be aware of its fundamental practices. It’s not that you read about it somewhere and started using it.

Your radio station could be earning a fortune from your listeners searching on YouTube; its a never ending rich source of revenue. 

To get maximum benefit from YouTube searches you need to get the right software installed on your web site. Now you can get it all with all the rights for you to maximise profits in just one package. High quality sales material developed and written by professionals with up-to-date information. It comes with full training  and a lots of business studies and tips of how to get maximum benefit.

YouTube isn’t dead. It isn’t old school and you can be sure that it isn’t lame! YouTube is a red hot tool for search engine power, and you and your radio station can benefit from using it.

For full details click HEREand check out the guide which takes you step by step through how to set up a profitable YouTube channel, monetizing, promoting and growing traffic, establishing and growing a social media footprint and much more.
YouTube course
YouTube Channel Income Advert
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It is important for listener awareness that you have a strong brand for your radio station. the name is all important.  It is also vital that you use the name at every opportunity, get it totally ingrained in your listeners' minds, and even in the minds of many who do not listen! 

One of the best ways to achieve this is to ensure that mentions of the radio station include the station name or brand.  That is the on-air name of the radio station, and NOT the name of the group or the company.  The last thing you should be promoting is the name of your web host or ISP in your name and emails.   


Once you have your brand name agreed, the first thing to do is secure possible domains using that word or phrase (and the shorter the better, for memorability.

Don't bother with dot-com as a domain suffix, it doesnt say you are much different from any other business, such as an insurance company, etc. 

dot FM domain

The best web domains for radio stations end in dot, dot-AM, dot-FM or dot-radio , although the latter is only just becoming available and is quite expensive for a commercial organisation.

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