Music downloads are now very cheap and easily obtainable. You could be working with the latest music immediately, it takes just a couple of minutes to download.
Downloading music from iTunes (Apple Music) is totally legal.

The best sources of music downloads for use in radio are these below. Click on any to see what they offer.

Apple Music

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When broadcasting began almost a hundred years ago musicians would assemble in the studios and all gather around one microphone. This eventually grew with small orchestras performing in the studio. Any recorded music was played in acousticaly, with the gramophones being wheeled (they were pretty large and trolley mounted) up to the microphone. Fidelity was not the most important consideration, and the situation was not improved until 1928 when the first electrical pickups were introduced. These too were of poor quality until the mid 1930s.

In recent decades high quality pickups were developed and many will maintain that analogue cartridges in a vinyl groove offer the best quality.

In the late 1970s, many American radio stations began using NAB cartridges to play in music.  These are encapulated length of quarter inch recording tape in an endless loop. The length is just a few 'minutes' longer than the piece to be recorded, and a system of tones allows it to be accurately cue to the start of the track. It therefore starts 'on the button'
For a few years in the eighties and nineties the manufacturers of MINI DISC tried to have their system become the chosen platform for playback. 

Moving parts however were rapidly on the demise and the expansion of the HARD DISC market around the turn of the millenium saw larger and faster HD units become available offering first tens the hundreds of Gigabtytes storage spacve, and then Terabytes.  These made it possible to store entire music libraries for radio stations on just one Hard Drive.

Over the last couple of years the Hard Drive has started to become replaced by SSD - Solid State Drives, or 'flash drives' as they are often called.  This removes finally the mechanical movement aspect of music storage - instead of a rapidly spinning platter of magnetic discs as storage, the SSD is simply a network of chips which store the audio. Their expansion in size tgracked that of HD, but more paidly and the costs have also fallen. 
A 2.5" SSD is the standard form factor for laptops though, with the addition of a bay adapter, they can also be used in desktop PCs.  These are now available from a variety of suppliers at very cheap prices, under £100 for the ones that can also be used inside laptop computers. The really large ones are  up to 2GB incapacity and cost around £7,000, but the cost is plummeting monthly.

We have found the best supplier of SSDs is EBuyer, and a listing of their currently available SSDs can be found HERE.
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It's very important where radio stations source their music content. Simple MP3s are often poor quality, and once low -res MP3s hit processing, they are degraded even further.  Apple's iTunes system and then iPods (both launched in 2001) have made good quality music downloads easy to accomplish and totally legal. Record companies initially resisted downloading and tried all sorts to prevent piracy. They soon realised that the genie was firmly 'out of the bottle' and, after misguided attempts to have ISPs report people for sharing audio, the record companies very soon began to sell downloads themselves for less than $1 a track. Most record companies now sell digital downloads of music as full albums or as single tracks.

There are many sources now for music downloads but these two are by far the best ones, giving the widest range of music and at the best quality;  Amazon Prime and Apple iTunes

Sources of M


Radio stations should ALWAYS try to use the very best, pristine quality recordings. Many listeners notice every scratch, click and pop.
APPLE MUSIC  / iTunes  
  (Latest Albums & Singles)
Apple Music (iTunes) also has a vast library of music, including all the Beatles' catalogue and many items at very reduced prices. Its quite legal to download any tracks for broadcast, and you get the very best quality.
His Masters Voice are one of the best known names in music distribution in the UK. They have a  reliable  Mail Order service for 'hard copies'.
See their latest bargains HERE.

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