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"Radio Warfare is for people in radio who want to improve their own radio skills, unlock their own potential, and to realise their own ambitions."

Show Prep

Special Trial Offer

You too can subscribe to one of the DJ Show Prep services. There are a couple of these services in the UK but the best we've found is the daily production called ShowPrep. It's like having your own personal production team and a PA working for you, and at the unsociable hours they would not thank you for!
Show Prep company is run by veteran British broadcaster Francis Currie and Paul Ellery. Francis is a well respected and very experienced  consultant, trainer & coach.  He was the Group PD of Heart FM and launch PD of Magic.
Show Prep offers either  3 day  or  25 page editions, simply crammed with material you need to have your breakfast show THE most up to date, which will keep your audience listening longer, and want to come back day after day. At the moment ShowPrep are offering a risk free trial of their service where you pay just £1 (yes, One Pound!) and get a seven days trial, so you can evaluate their service.  Click Here to get this great offer.
The very latest headlines, stories, showbiz, music, sport, lifestyle information, surveys, birthdays, ideas and just about everything you need. With Show Prep it's all written, edited, laid-out and ready to go, just for you.  Arriving in your mailbox each morning you don't need to search for material to use in your show.
Forget running out of time before the show, no more of that trying to sight-read the newspapers, no wondering if your prep will arrive on time or worse still having it compiled the day before with out-of-date news!
Sample the Trial Offer on their web site
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PREP Services

You may wonder where on earth so many of the  breakfast presenters on mainline or traditional radio stations find the time to scour all the newspapers, magazines and other sources for the latest news items and topics? 
And why is it that they all seem to talk about the same topics - how does that happen? 
It would be impossible for a breakfast show DJ to look through every newspaper and devour every topical item of interest from all the latest magazines every day, especially in a couple of hours before a breakfast programme.  The source actually is usually one of the 'DJ Prep' services.
These are small companies of very experienced DJs and  journalists who do all the reading up for you. They begin work at about 9 pm each evening, and work through the night. They pour through all the newspapers (early editions are usually available in London just before midnight), and rewrite the stories with a radio slant, making them suitable for live reading on air.  
These are mixed with magazine articles of interest. They add in each day's birthdays and anniversaries of important events, and might also add warnings of events likely to happen during the coming day or two. 
This is then sent to the prep service's  subscribing stations at about 5am, so the breakfast DJ can pick it up and quickly scan through before his show. It's a great way of getting up to date in ten minutes while you have a coffee, and far better than spending an hour or two getting your fingers covered in newsprint. 
AMAZON Prime Music 
With Amazon's Prime Music, you can listen ad-free to over a million songs from artists including Adele, Paulo Nutini, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay and Madonna, with new music added all the time. 

Run your OWN 

online radio station

Plummeting costs of digital equipment and the transmission time mean that almost anyone can now launch and operate their own internet radio station. All you need is the expertise, and a lot of that is available in a  great new book - Internet Radio.
While most of the big star concerts and gigs are already 'sponsored' by the large media groups, many more are anxious to do arrange cross promotion (often called 'contra' deals) with media, including radio stations.
Stay up to date with the latest gigs not only in your own local area, but further afield.  Be especially aware of those where the artists fit your own station's 'niche' as they are more likely to welcome additional promotion of their gigs and their music generally.
This feature could be a key promotional and information item in your schedule.
News of the latest gigs can be a big news item in any radio station's programme output. Always make sure these are relevant artists for your core listeners.
Maintain good relationships with venues and with the major tour promoters. They are then more likely to provide latest information as well as make other valuable concessions available to your station.

Live music news & info'


great content

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Fergie - live gig
APPLE MUSIC  / iTunes   
   (Latest Albums & Singles)
Apple Music (iTunes) also has a vast library of music, including all the Beatles' catalogue and many items at very reduced prices. Its quite legal to download any tracks for broadcast, and you get the very best quality.
His Masters Voice are one of the oldest names in music distribution in the UK. They have a  reliable  Mail Order service for 'hard copies'. (HMV went into administtaion in December 2018)
Radio stations should always try to use the very best, pristine quality recordings. Many listeners notice every scratch, click and pop.
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The source for music played on radio stations is very importantt. Regular MP3s are often poor quality and once a low -res MP3s is processed, then it will be degraded even further.  Apple's iTunes and iPods (both launched in 2001) have made good quality music downloads easy to accomplish and totally legal.
Record companies initially resisted the idea of downloading and tried all sorts to prevent it. They soon realised that the genie was 'out of the bottle' and, after misguided attempts to have ISPs report people for sharing audio, the record companies realised and sold downloads themselves for less than $1 a track. 
There are many sources now for music downloads but these two are by far the best ones, giving the widest range of music and at the best quality; 
Amazon Prime and Apple iTunes
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Radio Adventures of the Communicator
of Listeners?
Read how some of the best formatted radio stations of the 80s and 90s won HUGE audience. (We are talking 5 to 10 million listeners here, not a few thousand!)
  It's all in
Radio Adventures
of the
MV Communicator.
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Content & Material

This is of course very dependent on the type of radio station you decide to be, what format and the amount of speech you feel your station should have. 
Even the most music focused radio stations feel the need to have some speech content, especially at the most important time of day, which is almost always breakfast time. Making sure your breakfast time presenters (and other key hosts) have access to the latest information is important.
Laser radio Book advert
Internet Radio 2016
Internet radio Book cover picture
The book contains full details of all that you need, how to assemble everything, how much should you pay and how to launch.
  • Where to buy the bandwidth?
  • Which system should you use?
  • How do you promote a station?
To download the book, onto your computer, tablet or any iPhone.
only  £6.89 Click Here
or as a 276 page book
from Amazon
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Radio Programme Content & Material