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A 'music business news 'or live gig guide feature could be a key promotional and information item in your schedule. News of the latest tours can be of huge interest and make for big news items in any radio station's programme output. Always make sure these are relevant artists for your core listeners however, irrelevant itema about artists not of interest to your core listeners will not help to brand your station or emphasise your format  whioch you should always strive to do.
Maintain good relationships with venues and with the major tour promoters. They are then more likely to provide latest information and make other concessions to your station.
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A generation or two ago there were only a few papers that gave news about the music business and artistes. These were the Melody Maker and the New Musical Express.
The sixties spawned  Mersey Beat, Record Mirror, Disc and Music Echo and for a while in the 1970s SOUNDS was THE rock music weekly.
More recent years have seen most of the traditional music press fall by the wayside and a shift to monthly publications. Most music papers moved from tabloid (and larger!) papers on old fashioned newsprint to A4 and A5 size glossy magazines. They tend to have  with full colour throughout and heatset printing, making the content more appealing and avoiding the reader's fingers getting covered in ink.
The music press invariably have detail on the real stories of the music business, with interviews with performers providing the backrgound for many radio staff. Most music radio stations will have a subscription to the most relevant music magazines; up to 80% of the cover price can be saved by subscribing. 
The big advantage for radio stations is that you make certain you get your copy about a week before the issue is due on the news stands and give your team good up to date content.
If you click on the covers of Q, Kerrang and Mojo they always have some good offers on subscriptions, often with free offers of rare music tracks. 
Other magazines that do not (currently) have any offers but you may also be interested in are:
Kerrange cover music  content
Q Music, content section
Metal hammer Magazine
Guitarist Magazine
Living Blues  Afro-US with US radio charts
Maverick bi-monthly quality country mag
Metal Hammer  Hardcore & loud rock mag
MixMag (dance music and DJs lifestyle)
Modern Drummer  Monthly
MOJO (rock, Alternative and World Music)
Mondo DR   for sound & light engineers
Music & Copyright 
Music Tech Magazine
Music Week UK Recording industry
NME rock and pop week paper
Offshore Echoes  offshore radio stations
PowerPlay  Heavy rock and Metal monthly
Record Collector bible of vinyl fans
Respect  coffee table quarterly
Rhythm  Drummers magazine
Shindig  Psychedelic and Prog Rock
Songlines  World music bi-monthly
Sound On Sound  equipment monthly
The Source Monthly hip-hop / urban
The Wire   
Time Out    Listing magazine for London
Top of the Pops  Teen fashion and charts.
Total Guitar monthly, covers amp's too.
UNCUT  new & classic rock music
VIBE   Hip Hop Magazine
We Love Pop Teenyboppers monthly
Wire  Monthly underground music mag
XXL  Quarterly American hip-hop mag
ZERO TOLERANCE  experimental metal
Guiter Techniques
History of Rock magazine
Acoustic  Monthly guitar, incl tutorials.
Alternative Press   Live rock music 
Audio Media (for engineers)
Bass Guitar Mag a monthly
Bass Player  Leading UK bassist's Monthly.
Big Cheese  Fashion & music for teen boys
Big City Blues bi-monthly magazine
Billboard (American)
Blues & Soul  Soul fortnightly
Clash (UK independent)
Classic Pop 
Classic Rock
Country Music People.  UK monthly
DJ Monthly  Clubbing DJ monthly (UK)
Downbeat  Jazz and Blues monthly
Echoes (Black Music)
Fader   Leading Culture bi-monthly
Fireworks   bi-monthly, melodic rock
Froots (folk  & roots + world music)
Future Music
Guitarist  Very popular monthly mag
Hip Hop Magazine  US fortnightly urban
i-D   Style & Culture
Jazz Journal    Monthly, since 1948
Jazz Times US monthly, jazz with soul
Jazzwise  modern and stylish jazz
K-Mag   (Drum & Bass monthly)
Kerrang! (World biggest rock music monthly)
Live UK  (concerts, equipment & tours)
Ringo Starr reading magazine
Billboard cover
Music Magazines Logo
Shindig US Magazine
Rhythm Music Magazine
Rock Sound Magazine
NME music magazine cover
Uncut magazine cover
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Run your OWN  Online station

Plummeting costs of digital equipment and the transmission time mean that almost anyone can now launch and operate their own internet radio station. All you need is the expertise and enthusiasm!
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While most of the big star concerts and gigs are already 'sponsored' by the large media groups, many more are anxious to do arrange cross promotion (often called 'contra' deals) with media, including radio stations.
Stay up to date with the latest gigs not only in your own local area, but further afield.  Be especially aware of those where the artists fit your own station's 'niche' as they are more likely to welcome additional promotion of their gigs and their music generally.
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