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Buffalo extreme external Hard Drive

Hard Drive storage
The most noticeable effect of the changes brought about by digital has been the methods of programme item storage, often called Asset Management. Previously HUGE libraries of recorded material have now been reduced so much, that what once took up several huge rooms of mechanical racking can now be easilly accommodated on a couple of magnetic hard drives.

Storage space continues to fall in size and in price. A 6 Terabyte hard Drive can now be bought for less than £120 (see below) and SSD isn't far behind!

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Hard Drive by Intenso
SSD drives (a trio)
Solid State Drive storage is the latest way of storing audio library material, or items ready for broadcast, or indeed any other sort of data. Although magnetic hard drives are still the most cost efficient, especially when considering volume or space, it is possible to use something better and faster.


Solid State Drive


NAND SSD 950 Pro
512 GB capacity

Interface PCIe 
   3x 4 (32Gbps)

Totally solid state storage (often called 'flash drives') is the method where the data is burned onto a network of circuits contained within silicon microchips. Using of these Solid-State Storage Drives removes the risk of mechanical breakdown, which is currently the biggest cause of failure in data storage.


The amount of storage space required is set to plummet still further as new methods come on stream. The huge increases in size and reliability in hard drives mean that complete music collections can easily be stored on a single unit, and at far better quality than MP3, the usual standard that's tolerated by consumers.

Many radio stations keep all audio as uncompressed audio, usually in the .AIFF or .WAV formats. It's 'best practice', especially in the audio storage and editing stages, as serial stages of compression can result in some uncomfortable sounding artefacts. Multiple compressions result in poor fidelity (audio quality) by the time it reaches the listeners ear. 
QNAP 4 bay NAS
By using Network Attached Storage documents, reports, music and videos can be shared with anyone who has access to the network making NAS an ideal audio library and business storage solution.

Each folder of material can be given its own access codes shutting out any user on the network sho should not have access to items, and, probably more importantly for PDs, preventing anyone uploading material for broadcast not properly authorised.

How much storage?

The cost of storage falls every week - you can now get a 250 GB SSD for less than £50 which will hold 20 days of uncompressed audio (WAV files) or a couple of months non stop playing of MP3 recordings at 320 kbps.

To calculate how long any sized drive will last for any standard of compression, have a look at this page.
Tap the SSD for
technical details
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QNAP 4-bay NAS

Rock Sound Magazine
NAS 4 bay
Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows multiple users to store and share files, including music and other audio tracks, in a centralised location rather than individuals storing files on their own computers. An NAS connected into a local network will give big savings in time and storage , enabling multiple operators to access programme material more readilly.

Hybrid Drive

Up to 5 times
     faster than HD

8GB NAND Cache


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These offer up to 4 Gigabytes of storage; several are usually connected together in an array, offering several gigs of storage, more than sufficient to store say 100,000 or even a million music tracks.

NAND SSD Drive advert
Intenso Hard Drive at an angle
Another great bargain from  the UK's best tech supplier
Buffalo extreme external Hard Drive
Storage Drives
External Hard Drive
Back up drives, how often?

Seagate BackUp Plus 6TB

Seagate® Backup Plus Desktop drives are available in capacities up to 8 TB and come with a USB 3.0 hub option. With cross-platform compatibility,these work equally well with Apple Mac OS or with Windows.   They offer exceptional reliability and speed, you can back up just about everything. 

Take advantage of the Backup Plus Hub drive which doubles as an all-in-one data hub and recharging station built into a desktop drive with phenomenal capacities.

Back Up. Connect. Recharge.
Equipped with two integrated USB ports on the front, you can back up your files, precious photos and videos while connecting to and recharging your tablet, smartphone or camera - even if your system is off or in standby mode.

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iPad User Magazine
Firecuda Hybrid Hard Drive


SSHDs combine HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) technologies to make a fast high capacity storage device for computers. A SSHD differs from an SSD although it uses the same high-speed flash memory but it also has the higher capacity associated with a standard High Disk Drive therefore making an SSHD much more cost-effective than its SSD equivalent.

External HD

A selection of the best and most reliable Drives can be found at EBuyer; they provide great service and are usually among the cheapest in the UK for drives.

These handy units are simply plugged into any laptop or desk PC for easy backup or downloading / uploading of files. The best way to make images, music or programmes fully portable and always available.

Ebuyer have the best-known makes too -  Buffalo, WD, Seagate, Fujitsu, etc. Click here, or the red Buffalo Ministream Extreme to see the range of external Hard Drive units.

Drive by Seagate  6 Terrabyte