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If you are looking to start a Record Label,
in order to operate a your own Music Business, you will need a series of documents that summarise the operational and financial objectives of your business, and also one that contains the detailed plans and budgets showing how your objectives are to be realized!
In plain English, it is extremely important that you possess a well written business plan that shows not only you, but also any potential funding sources, that you have carefully thought out how you plan to operate in order to make your Music Business venture a SOLID SUCCESS!
Gor many years now, the Record Label Business Plan has been an essential tool for thousands of  music business  entrepreneurs,  who decided to take their life in the music business seriously.  They have got themselves up to the next level and achieved success by properly planning out their strategies.  
These documents are written by seasoned music business entrepreneurs and can help YOU success with your own record label or music publishing company.
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This is Reggae Music (disc)
Dave Rodigan is one of the most influential and best-regarded DJs, of any genre. The word "legend" is often sprinkled about too lightly, but when it comes to this man, he's simply beyond legend.
David is one of the world's greatest ambassador of Jamaica's musical heritage, whose enthusiasm and keen insight has enlightened and entertained millions internationally over the past four decades.
Now, in his autobiography,  and its crammed full of exhilarating events and encounters behind the scenes. He has met almost all the reggae world's finest creators, and now he divulges many of the professional insightstow which he's been priviliged. 
Essential reading for everyone who calls themselves a fan of reggae, ska, bluebeat or simply reggae. 

David Rodigan:


My Life in Reggae

published 2018 
Your very own 
& Music Publishing Co.
Female DJ at the panel
    Harry is aiming to regularly refresh this with interesting content - updated at least weekly - and all well worth reading. However, simply because he has some content ready to hand, he is  starting right away with some stuff associated with his various novels:  'Just in Time.' and coming soon, 'Just in Case' followed by 'Just One Day'.
      As it happens, all three are fiction, thrilling in an easy and fairly laconic way. Some new stories and happenings from the very real world of Harry's journey from the swinging sixties world of journalism, to owning a music company and, in a surprise to him, over the next thirty years his company had massive charts hit records in almost every country of the world. All the details are recalled and revealed in 'Sometimes Music is My Only Friend'.
        'Pop music revealed' sounds a little tabloid overkill, but in the book, Harry does indeed 'reveal' ...'own up'...'confess,'  to his somewhat chaotic and unwilling co-option by the Secret Services of both the UK's  MI6 and Russia's KGB.
     Then there's the true story of his visits to No.10 Downing Street not to mention the naked photo of Prime Minister Harold Wilson. (Not me guv.Honest!). So grab yourself a copy, and come back soon; the global roller coaster will depart the station soon.
Harry Buckle.
Harry Buckle Music book button

Sometimes, music is my only friend  

by Harry Buckle

"This is the most fast-paced and innovative chapter of the music business in decades."
Rob Stringer
CEO Sony Music
The music business globally is growing at an extraordinary rate, as the latest numbers from the IFPI's 2018 report show: 
41% growth in streaming revenues and a 54% digital share in global revenues for music.  
Ed Sheeran tops the lists for both the biggest selling singles and albums.
The growth in revenues from streaming is relentlessly upward; streaming now makes up the majority of music revenues globally. 
The music business is now in the process of transforming from being product-based to being music-based. £7 billion has been paid out to music copyright holders by Spotify alone, which now has over 157m users.
“You don’t have to think or look much further than your smartphone, observing that it has a screen and that its the primary tool for consuming music for billions of customers," says  Michael Nash of Universal Music, one of the world's big 3 opertors.
“Artists are producing some of the most popular audio-visual content  for social media channels and this is obviously an incredible opportunity.” 
Martin Mills, Beggars Group Founder and Chairman, highlights how his company has brought in new expertise to respond to the changes in the industry: “In our London office, about 20-25% of our staff are doing jobs that didn’t exist for us five years ago. We have reconfigured our business to respond.”
The changing nature of the music business  has forced record companies ito radically alter the way they do business. Any sharp music entrepreneuer can take advan tage opf the huige differences that digital distribution has made.  Its never been so easy and so cheap to get into the music business and let your talent steer you to untold welath, fame and fortune.
Many artistes today make the break after recording their material in 'home studios'. The post-production so vital to makiing a basic track into a hit is so now easy to access, so simple to operate, and so cheap that almost everyone has it at their fingertips.
Universal Music Group, SVP, Michael Seltzer says: “Present-day contracts tend to be far more bespoke to the individual and differing needs of an artist than even, say, five years ago. They can also cover more than just recorded music, giving art- ists the opportunity to plug into other parts of our company, be that music publishing, merchandising, brand sponsorships, even documentary and scripted film production, and so forth.
“There are also increasing examples of successful artists building their own label within the Universal ecosystem. They look to sign artists to their own brand and cre- ate their own platform, in partnership with us – and ideally benefitting from our expe- rience, reach and infrastructure.”
The music business is changing . . it's time to get on board !
Fergie in the music business

Music Business globally

China’s music market continues to be one of growth, challenges and innovation. It also remains, fundamentally, a market of potential, gradually but determinedly being realised by record companies working together with local and global partners.
It is undeniably a vastly different land- scape compared to 10 or even five years ago, having undergone a significant cultural shift in regard to the value and protec- tion of copyright – a process driven by regulations alongside the efforts of record companies and other rights holders.
The styles of music enjoyed in China are now very diverse. There is a market in China for hip-hop, punk, country and much more. "Fans have a higher than ever demand for more elaborate works and different genres," says Andy Ng, VP of the giant Tencent Music Entertainment Group.
With a population of over 1.5 BILLION, this is an enrmous market. They are literally just entering the birth of rock'n'roll, have rapidly expanding disposable income and a real thirst for music & entertainment. 

Home recording studio?

its never been so easy!

Not so long ago, reasonable equipment to record for commercial sale cost a fortune and was well beyond the budgets of most musicians or music performers. Even when you could afford the equipment it was notoriously difficult to operate and get anything reasonable from.
Now however, so many special effects and audio manipulation devices are available, most of them as software. This makes the Home recording studio a 'must have' for any musician or producer.
Award Wining

Music Production Software

Easy enough for a beginner.
Powerful enough for a professional.
Watch this video to hear
3  (yes, THREE!) Award-winning songs made using
Home Recording Blueprint
Warner/Chappell recording artist Owen Critchley has worked with many producers and  has written and recorded songs using his Easy Home Recording Blueprint method for U.S. network TV series, movies, major label and indie recording artists.  
His recording of his song, "Before the Waves Come" is a Billboard Song Award winner. Raised in Bermuda, out of necessity Woen developed a home studio  which led to him being signed to a songwriting and recording contract with Warner Brothers / Chappell Music.
Owen's Easy Home Recording Blueprint. "The Blueprint  shows you how YOU can record professional quality records at home. "Recording great sounding records at home doesn't have to be rocket science."
Click here, or on the blueprint below for details
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Home Recording Studio Blueprint
Music, the Business is an essential and highly acclaimed guide, now updated and revised in its seventh edition, explains the business of the British music industry.
Drawing on her extensive experience as a media lawyer, Ann Harrison offers a unique, expert opinion on the deals, the contracts and the business as a whole. She examines in detail the changing face of the music industry and provides absorbing and up-to-date case studies. Click cover for more details.
Music THE Business Book ANn Harrison
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