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Peter Walker wrote a great article for Mix Mag a while back about the various kinds of club DJs, their clibre and how much they are likely to make.   Weve brought this up to date and added our own thoughts and ideas and a lot of other expertise too.  Hopefully you will find this interesting.  And to our friends around the industry, please feel free to ammend  these four main sectors and make this as up to date as possible - for which our readers' genuine thanks.




This is really the new or fledling DJs who have honed and practiced their skills in the bedroom and maybe a few on local radio stations.  They may have done a bit of night promoting or perhaps are playing a regular night at the back of a wine bar.  At least word gets around. You're pulling in a reguilar stream of punters.  
You often play some gigs for free, as it is the best way to  get the exposure, as well as expertise.   probably making around £125  a night and playing just a couple of times each weekend.
Thats  £120 x 50 sets a year = £6,000 a year
Expenses: Like most local DJs, you probably have to buy your own drinks, and at many venues that can be quite expensive, although if you don't have far to travel, the transport costs may be small.   Perhaps the biggest area of outlay is music as you need to keep your set content up to scratch. 
Don't forget to add something for your clothing, it is tax deductible and looking the part will help you fit in to the venue better and raise your credibility.
- £40  per week for drinks and taxis
- £ 10 per week towards clothing & miscellaneous
- £25 per week on records or downloads
Agent's Fees -  Nil (just yet). You should be able to negotiate these gigs direct yourself.
Annual income (before tax): £2,750





This is the next step up where DJs begin to get noticed, either thanks to their style, getting the music right, or more likely, having the right contacts.  Press coverage helps a lot, getting your name known by the right agents will get you some good work, but probably not reliable or regularly enough to rely on as a full time job.
Gigs: These are beiginning to pay anywhere from  £350–£2000 per gig,  depending on how well you have been able to develop your name, your overall profile and how big the clubs are that you are now playing in.  Obviously, the smaller size clubs cant afford to pay a DJ too much - it all boils down to what the club can get back , which is invariably going to be on the wet sales - the bar take.  You should however now being working at least twice each weekend.
Income -   £50,000 a year
Expenses: At this level the club owner or the promoter will probbably be picking up your bar tab and the costs of your appearing - transport and accomodation.  Your fee for the gig should therefore be all profit, but you may be having to pay an agent.Youi need to figure on 10%  or even 20% of fees.
You may have increased your spending now on more music as you cant afford to be left behind the curve  - you need to be ahead of it.  You should now be receiving promotion copies and demos of other DJs mixes and they will be free; just keep the record labels up to speed with yoru gigs and cerrer so they are aware of you.
Music costs   £50 a week    £2500 a year
Extras:    smaller label might sign you up for mixing, + £5,000
Annual Income   £50,000–£150,000
WARNING.  You are  now earning a lot from your business and you MUST look at it in a business-like manner. You need to keep records of your earnings and your expenditure. You are likely to have to pay VAT as soon as your ANNUAL earnings look like approaching the VAT threshold, which is currently £85,000 a year.  Don't be tempted to not pay over VAT, as the taxman will come down VERY heavilly on you.  But dont worry, as VAT is charged on top of your fee, that's why its called Value Added Tax.
Promoters and venues don't mind paying VAT, as they get it back from their own input tax. Similarly, you can set any VAT you have to pay, such as for hotels, records, etc, against the VAT you need to pay over to the VAT man.  The best thing to do is have a book-keeper or accountant look after this for you - expect to pay them about £2,000 a year, depending how well you keep the financial records yourself. They will probably be able to save you that anyway as a good accountant will know all the tricks, and how you can save tax.


This takes your career up a notch where you get gigs at festivals and events all over the place. Sadly, they are all some distance from home and you might find that you soon living out of a suitcase or a van and having to fight off groupies and all kinds of invitations and solicitations. The better known you get, the more gigs you get.  Better known DJs are now commanding fees of between £2,000 and £5,000 a show and you should be appearing at maybe four gigs a week.
£3,000 x 150 sets a year = £450,000
Expenses: Your agent will probably have got promoters to arrange your air fares,and hotels.  Make sure they also have someone get you a work permit or visa where necessary.
Budget  to have  extra travel fund  £10,000
Manager:   You need to allow for 25% for your team but that should include a PA.
Extra help at really big gigs.  £50,000
Miscellaneous.    You need to be making your own music  to  get really well known internationally and that means investing in some studio time, and possibly extra equipment. You could have big hits too which could give you a very useful extra stream of income from sales, downloads and from media royalties - both radio and TV play. If your tracks are really good and you can get them placed, there could be extra income from film use or TV commercials. 
Royalties  £20,000
Commercials £10,000
COSTS  studio equipment and hire   £  5,000
Annual income (before tax) £600k –£1.25 million


The superstar DJs can fill huge stadiums  and their agents and managers have to refuse gigs, to stop them burning out. The fees then go up as the workload goes down, but your health should improve quite a bit by this stage!  This is the time that you can benefit from the care and attention you have put into your brand, and extend it out into lots of other avenues, where you will get paid simply from lending your name to concepts, products and ideas.
The real superstar DJs earn from £5m to £20 million a year.  Calvin Harris has grossed over around $50 million in each of the last five years.
Gigs:   The gigs are now huge and they have to be so the promoter can afford to pay you. But with fees from £10k to £25k just for a couple of hours at the big festivals, you only need work one night a week at the top fee level of say £25,000 to pull in £1.25m a year.                       £ 1,250,000
Expenses:  The promoter will be happy to stump up for all your travel and other expenses and your riders should certainly have more pampering than just a free drinks tab. 
Manager.   Your entourage has probably grown quite a bit by now. most superstar DJs will have added their own publicity people, plus Social Media experts and all manner of hangers on.  The best of these don't come cheap,  but they will help you get even more income and be well worth the amount they will cost you, around  £100,000.
Extras: Product endorsement revenue can be very lucrative, the fees are always very negotiiable.  
Sponsorship & endorsements £500,000
One Nighters £250,000
+Record Sales  £100,000
Annual income (before tax) £4m–£50m
The above are all very approximate and are offered just as to a guide of the kind of figures you might expect to earn.  
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Want to run your own ONLINE radio station?

Club DJs can be BIG in radio

Club DJing is one of the hottest styles in radio right now, with many high earning leaders of the dance floor becoming radio DJs.  Club DJs in radio are among the highest earners in the industry. The adulation they receive from their audience is second to none.
Disc jockeys come in a very wide variety of types : some club DJs who say nothing, don't interact in any way with and simply ignore their audience. Others are very creative, producing a mix of sounds that cajole a dance floor crowd onto a higher state of euphoria.
Some DJs are real showmen, who dress to impress and stand out from their audience and who use vocals to encourage dancers onto the floor. Their image can come across really well on the radio if using the right equipment. The biggest problem was for many years most radio executives did not understand the phenomena. Radio audiences for club DJ formats are hundreds of times bigger than the audience DJs can reach on the dance floors, even in the biggest clubs.

DJ Festivals

Festivals and weekend events now often feature simply DJs; TomorrowLand in Belgium has been running for ten years and sells 200,000 tickets. It's now also a major event in many other countries, proving the ever-growing popularity of club DJs.
In radio, there are many programme hosts who are not DJs but are simply 'presenters'. They simply back announce and introduce music. It's not very entertaining and such presentation styles are usually devoid of any enthusiasm. Little wonder that the audience don't get enthusiastic!
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History of the name  'DJ'

The term "Disc Jockey" was coined in the golden days of American  Top 40 radio. In order to cram in the maximum number of tracks per hour. The best DJs would not have any dead air (silence) fading up the instrumental start of a track (called 'the ramp') over the end / fadeout of the previous one and adding their dialogue over any instrumental bits left, right up to the start of the vocal, but without actually 'stepping on' the vocal - a technique called "hitting the post".
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Traditionally, radio DJs would hone their skills on the long overnight shifts, but today so many radio stations have cut out these 'nursery' shifts and simply use an automatic playout system to provide non stop music; one of the reasons why radio standards and the listeners perception of radio have steadilly gone downhill in recent years.
The basic skills can be taught and there are several excellent DJs schools around the world  teaching club and radio techniques. Many of those now offer their lessons by video with immediate downloads possible for some. 

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Success as a DJ is something that eludes many, but with careful planning and having proper goals is the key to your success as a DJ. Don't join that band of DJs who practice the craft just for the love of music; you have to work for REAL MONEY. Get Motivated!
If you've got the techniques in hand, if you KNOW you can mix scratch and host a great DJ night, what you need now are strategies for your marketing. Knowing HOW to get the best gigs and make more than you need to live. 
A good presenter engages with their audience and develops a relationship with them. 
Whether they give the impression that they are getting very intimate with listeners (and radio is often said to be at its best when the DJ can develops it as a 'one-to-one' medium) or it is more showmanlike, with the DJ addressing the crowd, the very best communicators leave the listener with the impression that they are involved in the programme.
Developing that relationship is crucial for success, but if the listener feels shut out and alien to what's going on, they will not want to return. 
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DJ Stylewise has gigged at hundreds of venues and taught over a thousand others; he hosted the 'How to DJ' segment on a weekly TV show.
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His 'High Paid DJ program" quickly became one of the most successful DJ tuition courses taking many from back street obscurity to top-earning superstar status.
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This book forms the perfect introduction for the novice who wants a pair of Technics turntables for Christmas. It contains enough spot-on advice and advanced instruction to be valuable to more experienced DJs.
This is a great book for all aspiring DJs. It's informative, easy to understand for all levels and provides lots of tips and ideas to make it in what is now a very competitive world.  But one that can bring untold riches, fame and fortune if you get it right!
Written in an entertaining 'no-bullshit' style, the book is laced with a healthy dose of realism. It shatters some illusions about the dance industry and offers in return some powerfully inspiring visions as it explains the true rewards of the DJ's craft.
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Club DJs - how much do they ea



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RANE 12  & RANE 72

The Rane 12 and the Raine 72 were officially  launched at the DJ Expo 2017 held  in Atlantic City.  They look pretty  similar to the Numark CDX machines.  The Rane 12 is priced at $799 while the Seventy Two is priced at  $1899. 
The RANE crew manning the stand however were not letting regular exhibition attendees touch the kit, which they had on auto-play and securely locked into a Perspex box during regular hours.
DJ Expo 20-17 floor scene



EXPO 2017

DJ Times first presented DJ Expo in 1990—and, ever since, the show has continued to define the industry. With a program that includes 25 educational seminars, an exhibit hall full of top gear, and three evenings of sponsored events, DJ Expo remains the industry’s longest-running and best-attended trade show.
As always, DJ Expo seminars offer solutions to the biggest issues in an ever-changing industry, be they mobile, club- or studio-related. The DJ Expo showfloor & demo rooms will debut & showcase the products that will impact every DJ business.
The 2017 DJ Expo was in the Atlantic City Convention Centre, a superb venue that enabled the hundreds of exhibitors from all corners of the DJ supply world to show off their latest products, and meet and discuss the industry with thousands of DJs from all over the world.
Sponsored DJ Expo evening events bring DJs together for unique networking opportunities and musical experiences featuring many of the planet's most trendsetting DJs & hit-making artists.
The Rane SEVENTY-TWO has been designed in collaboration with champion DJs and their crews from all over the world. This battle-ready flagship offers the high standards of performance and construction that people have come to expect from RANE, and it features a lot of brand new with technology, some of which is ground-breaking.
With the RANE SEVENTY-TWO controller, two DJs can battle it out with their laptops simultaneously through the two USB computer connections. The Seventy Two features a brand-new 4.3-inch color touchscreen. It not only shows Serato’s moving waveforms and their cue points, it also brings a much-needed interactive experience to FX work flows, with two internal FLEX FX engines and stacked Serato effects.
We shall be featuring a full review on the equipment shortly, meanwhile more information on all RANE equipment can be found at Gear4Music's special RANE page, (with UK prices and service) or on the Rane's USA web site.
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RANE controllers

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DJ EXPO 2017

Rane 72 Controller
Rane 72 controller & pair of decks
The latest RANE 72 Controller and a pair of RANE decks.
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This book, Last Night a DJ Saved my Life (named after a 1982 hit for INDEEP) To celebrate 100 years of the art of Disc Jockeying, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton have expanded and updated their classic book which tells a lot of the history of the disc jockey.
The role of a DJ seems to have been born on Christmas Eve, 1906 when Reginald Fessenden became the first person to play a record over the radio. A century later and the DJ is the central figure in popular music. From these humble 'talking jukebox' origins to today's DJ superstars earning rock star salaries with a fanbase to match, the history of the DJ is fascinating and unpredictable.
The story of these unlikely cultural icons takes the reader through the swinging sixties, through the sequinned revolution that was disco, via hip hop and house to mass-market global domination. The book is available byclicking on its cover, or from Amazon - HERE.
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