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The best and highest earning DJs are SHOWMEN, who can entertain their public. That doesn't mean simply spinning records back to back, but interacting with the music and presenting an act. An act that will hold the attention, mesmerise and make their audience gasp.  That's the only way to bring audiences back, time and time again.


One sure fire way is to offer something the audience doesn't see every day. Mentalism, or Magic.  Make them wonder


How the hell did they do that?


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The material in the Master Mentalism could have you doing incredible magic and mentalism starting right away. Master Mentalism will improve your life by giving you new skills, building your confidence, making you more popular and more fun to be around.
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Remote Control
USB outlet
Two alarms
Line output
Headphone Socket
The world's stations
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Full internet capability,
hear 100,000 stations
Full Colour display
3  speakers system,
6  position EQ,
Seperate bass
       & treble controls.
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Roberts Digital radio No 2

You - Mastering Mentalism ???

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Astonish your friends

Make them GASP with amazement


Can YOU handle being popular  on stage and at all the smart parties?


You will if you master mentalism.


Stage amazing tricks and effects



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This is a revolutionary step-by-step mentalism mastery method that will slash down the time you take to learn.  You could be practicing some of these mind-blowing  tricks TONIGHT, even if you have never done any magic in your life before!

Master Mentalism

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Would YOU like to get content and trainings from some of the best mentalists, magicians & hypnotists in the world.
  • Check out the Master Mentalism now and learn the secret to some of magics biggest mysteries from Penn & Teller themselves!
  • The one and only Derren Brown explaining step-by-step how to hypnotize someone.
  • David Blaine teaches some simple magic plus tells all when it comes to how he accomplishes physical feats that go well beyond just mentalism effects or magic tricks.
  • Learn an easy to do magic trick from David Copperfield (arguably the greatest illusionist of all time)!
You'll even learn how to count cards and win at Blackjack and other tricks you can use to earn money with your new skills!
You'll also get interviews will all the greats, Penn & Teller, David Blaine, Derren Brown, Criss Angel, David Copperfield and more!
Plus, the secrets behind some of the greatest magic and illusions of all time, including How David Copperfield Made the Statue Of Liberty Disappear and various other magic classics.
If you’ve ever wondered how the magic you see on the stage or on TV is done, then Master mentalism is the answer to your prayers. This is huge, life-altering information  for anyone who wants a career on the stage or on TV,  to improve their own communication skills or to become a working magician or mentalist.

Master Mentalism secrets

The 'super shortcut' magic and mentalism system you can use onstage, in the streets or anywhere, which guarantees that you will be able to perform some of the most mind-numbing magic tricks and simply mesmerising  mentalism, all with total confidence and professionalism.
Stunningly explosive techniques that YOU can put into use almost immediateley will show you how to pull off magic tricks like Criss Angel or David Blaine.  You will also learn how to perform Derren Brown mentalism feats or large-scale David Copperfield style illusions that give you instant magic and mentalism credentials.
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