OTS Labs produce several audio broadcast solutions with advanced to-the-second daypart scheduling automation, live input, automated beat mixing and MIDI hardware control.
Integrated Basic Scheduling
This feature brings to-the-second daypart target capability, allowing tight control and perfect timing (achieve to-the-second dayparting without premature fades or dead air).
  • Free Quick-Start advice
  • Live Audio Input
  • MIDI Hardware Control
  • Automated Beat Mixing
  • Intelligent AutoFade-mixing 
  • ShoutCast Output 
  • Loga played items and times 
  • Export Media Library item info
  • Deck Tempo adjustments
  • Save As Wave
  • Scratch Sampler
  • Integrated Mixer
  • Low-Latency Output
  • Deck Pitch Adjustments
  • Waveform display
  • Time-Scaling Ranges 4 - 100%
  • Integrated Dynamics Processor
  • Integrated Graphics EQ
  • Cue Channel Output
  • Multi Sound Card Support
  • ASIO driver support
  • Match A-B BPM Control
  • Media Library w/ OMQL support
  • Powerful Playlist Generator 
  • Play Direct From Audio CDs
  • Direction Control & Rev' Play
  • Realistic Vinyl Scratching
  • Remote Access Control
  • MP3/WAV/OTS file support
  • MP3/MP2 support 
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Downloadable Installation File.
The Simian systems are developed by Broadcast Software International of Eugene in Oregon.  The company was established by Ron Burley in the 1990s.  Simian 2.3 PRO is a fully featured, professional radio automation and computer playout system, designed for radio, internet and satellite broadcasting. The BSI Simian system is very easy to set up and operate. Just record or transfer your music onto a hard drive (250 GB will store 5,500 Linear PCM songs) and Simian's dynamic database will automatically add the files to its database. 
Simian will run entirely automated (it gets soak tested beyond 250 days) or as a 'live assist' play out system. The BSI system has been used by Cumulus and BBC stations. BSI have a variety of other add ons available, for both Windows and Apple Mac OS systems. One of the best known BSI  'add ons” is the Skimmerplus host monitoring service.
OtsAv automation for radio
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OtsAV TV Broadcaster
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OtsAV Automation
Simian Automation

BSI Simian 

There are two versions of this popular programme available:  the
LITE version
(costs £339) and the fully loaded,
PRO version
, which costs £1,020.  
Ots Labs Automation
Myriad Playout was developed by P-Squared in East Yorkshire. The company's founders, Pete Jarrat and Liam Burke, developed the Myriad system while studying at Hull University in the early 1990s.
Myriad is available in quite a few different configurations, so it's very likely there is already one that ideally suits YOUR own station. If not, then one can probably be configured easily. A range of additional modules or options can further enhance the system to make it ideal for you. Myriad is available either to purchase outright, or to lease, both will full support packages to match your station's needs. Myriad has a presenter friendly interface giving your team the ultimate  automation or playout system. Details of the Myriad system, which is now onto version 5, can be found HERE.  


Myraid automation playout system
This is a Mac only complete radio station in one 'easy to use' package. It is a system suitable for both live DJing and 24/7 radio automation that uses iTunes as its database. It also allows use of iTunes playlists as the building blocks for programming. It was invented by Jay Lichtenauer of Macinmind Software, who provide first class support.



Automation designed for the Mac

Radiologic Automation screenshot
Radiologik is designed to be an equally good live assist or a fully automation system DJ for radio so you can interrupt the auto-playout and take over and leave as you wish. Radiologik DJ can be used by itself as a DJ program for live events. It is also the player that Radiologik's Scheduler uses to make up a full-time automated radio station. Radiologic operates on an annual licence system. Full details of its many features are on the Radiologik web site, and a fully working demo can be downloaded by clicking the screnen grab.  Highly Recommended.


A fully professional radio broadcast system developed by Jutel in Finland who have been involved in radio broadcasting since 1984.  The RadioMan systems are in use by large scale broadcasters throughout the world. Among the users of Jutel's Radioman systems are the BBC, RTE in Ireland, ERR (public radio broadcaster in Estonia), NHK Japan and the NOB in the Netherlands.
The Radioman EXPRESS package is an off-the-shelf radio station automation software package that's suited to small and medium scale radio stations of any format.


An 'open source' complete radio broadcast automation solution, with facilities for the acquisition, management, scheduling and playout of audio content. It has been around for about 8 years now but has been well updated with heaps of material available on the internet.
Rivendell automation
Rivendell uses industry standard components: a the Linux operating system, the Audio Science HPI Driver Architecture and the MySQL Database Engine. Rivendell is available under the GNU Public License. For more design details, just click on the screengrab.


Based in Norway and the USA, Tune Tracker is a complete radio automation software suite containing all you need to run your radio station. 
Tune Tracker comprises several modules: the command centre, the TuneStacker, Lightning, Make My Day, Army Knife and a Time Announcer. The Tune Tracker system runs on a very stable operating system called Haiku. TuneTracker offer complete radio station packages, their Commander Center system starts at around $999.


Part of the RCS suite of software for radio stations.  RCS are one of the oldest radio software companies, with their first system being launched in 1979. Their systems have been used by over 10,000 stations in radio and TV. Selector's best known system is Master Control, launched in 1993. The GSelector scheduling system has an app called Linker, which is the world's first trailer, promo  and link scheduler which is part of GSelector.


The StationPlaylist Creator programme  has three different versions available:
Creator Lite ($65), Creator Standard (135) and Creator Pro ($259).
StationPlaylist offer their 'Time Announcement' audio files free - all 720 of them, which can save you a huge amount of time from not having to record them all yourself. The prices for the main Station playlist software vary according to the level of add-ons, from around $250 to $750, or they can be leased for a monthly payment.
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OtsTurntables Silver
OtsTurntables Bedroom
Ots CD Scratch 1200
OtsAV DJ Silver
OtsAV DJ Pro
OtsAv automation banner
Broadcast Automation
Analogue &  Digital
Radio automation software is used to playout programming materials either 'live assist' or to a pre-ordered sequence, so that a radio station can broadcast completeley automatically and without any human intervention.
Most professional radio stations use automation software in some form or another.  These were originally semi-mechanical pieces of kit, such as a bank of open reel recorders or a carousel of catridge machines. Today however all the audio is committed to hard drives or some other solid state recording medium. th equipment is much smaller, and is software controlled. 
Below is a selection of the most commonly seen software in radio.


broadcast automation software

Mixxx is free open-source software that will run on most PCs - Windows, Mac, Ubuntu orLinux.   When using MIXXX all the details of the tracks playing can be seen by listeners.    MIXXX can also sync up to four players and several mics, making it possible to produce and host quite copmplex programmes.
MIXXX requires users to use the LAME MP3 encoder but does provide this FREE with the programme.  You can download the MIXXX software HERE. 
Broadcast Automation
Analogue &  Digital
MIXXX Broadcast automation software
Automation Screen
Radio co screens

Radio.co Broadcast Automation

RadioCo, a Manchester based company started by James Mulvany, now with a branch in the UISA,  have developed their own desktop software automation programme.  It lets DJs broadcast live from their own PC. It’s simple to setup and using it the presenter can can play music from most common applications such as Spotify, iTunes, Serato DJ, or any other Windows compatible software.  Clicking on the logo of their screen shots below will link to a demo of their programme, but only for Windows. 
Traktor Pro 2

automation for club DJs

From advanced library management, to automatic track analysis, TRAKTOR PRO 2 takes care of the essentials. Full iTunes integration in TRAKTOR PRO 2 means your library and playlists are quickly accessible directly from TRAKTOR.

Syncing is a cinch in Traktor Pro2 - you can Track BPM, beatgrids, and key are automatically detected on import and used by the powerful Sync engine for perfectly beatmatched mixes – every time.
You can load Stem files into TRAKTOR PRO’s Stem Decks and create spontaneous edits, a cappellas, instrumentals, and more with each track element available independently. And each stem is visible as its own waveform thanks to the Stem View.
Click the screenshot here for a demo that works with Macintosh or Windows, as well as access to the manuals.  DFJ Like a pro!
Many proffesional DJs use Gear4Music for Traktor as the stores stock such a huge range and their mail order service is very fast and obliging.  Check HERE to see some of their range of special Traktor products for DJs.
SAM Broadcaster Pro is fairly well known due to its multiple features lincluded in the software:   media management, mixers, relays, statistics, multiple player decks, and many more useful tools.
The SAM Broadcaster pro package also is also available as a much trimmed down and lighter version available called SAM Broadcaster Cloud which features SAM-Live-DJ, which is FREE for DJ streaming. You can get a FREE trial of SAM HERE today, just click HERE. 
Power and control are at the forefront of SAM Broadcaster with several mixing desks for audio synchronization and mixing controls like the FX voice feature to manage how you sound when broadcasting your voice online. The SAM automation products are only available for Windows and can be bought HERE.
SAM Broadcaster automation software
SAM features a built-in audio processor to help make your station will sound incredible! It has  an Equalizer, Gated AGC, Stereo expander, Bass EQ, 5-band processor, 2-band processor and clipper.
You also get 'real-time' statistics: enabling you to instantly see how many listeners you have.  A 'Dual Deck' & dual screen support facility allows you to automate your station to run 24/7, even if you are not there to manage it. When you are, management is made even easier if you have dual screens.
SAM Broadcaster Pro

Playlist Creator

Creator is music and spot scheduling software, used to design your station format using rotations of music categories and spot groups (jingles, ads, etc). Rotations may be scheduled for specific hours of the day giving you full control over what types of music or programs are scheduled for different times of the day or days of the week.
Creator is capable of producing much more controlled and sophisticated scheduling than a basic random shuffle of your music.  Your listening audience will appreciate the difference.  Here are some examples of what is possible:
  • Prevent two or more fast (or slow) tempo songs from being scheduled consecutively, unless that is desired.
  • Schedule different genres of music at different times of the day, eg. slower songs in the evening, faster in the morning, Saturday night fast tempo party music.
  • Schedule a specialty show with a specific set of genres at a specific time every day or week.
Once the station format has been designed, Creator generates sophisticated playlists (logs) in seconds, every day or every week.  The playlists contain the list of tracks which will play in your  broadcast playback automation system.  StationPlaylist Studio is highly recommended for best compatibility with Creator's features.
There are three levels of Creator (Pro, Lite or Standarde).  Creator can also be used with free players such as Winamp or Windows Media Player for low budget automation using the StationPlaylist Scheduler utility included free with Creator.
Automation system from Playlist Creator
ACCESS automation from RadioMan
Radioman's ACCESS system is cloud based and very versatile. for commercial and public radio broadcasters. The range platform covers the whole radio broadcasting production workflow. With JUTEL RadioMan ACCESS, digital content can be created, scheduled, organised, archived and distributed to one or multiple channels and locations.
RadioMan ACCESS Planning, Script Editor, On-Air Playout and Distribution modules can be managed via a web browser. This gives the journalists in the field the freedom to create, edit and playout content easily from different locations.
QuickEdit Pro automation screen
Myriad is the UK radio industry's best known playout system, with more installations than any other. It is found in all sectors of radio  broadcasting, especially small scale and ILR. National commercial stations such as talkSPORT use Myriad, as do many school and community radio stations.