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of advice, for all radio station personnel.


enowned as one of the Radio Industry's greatest seminar hosts,


and his O'Liners service for DJs has fuelled many hundreds of radio shows all over the USA and  around the world.

This is certainly the world's largest collection of downloadable webinars, and now you can wander through them all at your leisure.  It's a great opportunity to pick up thousands of tips on how to do just about everything in a radio career.
Dan is one of the radio business's leading voiceover and strategy consultants. The topics covered in this library include copywriting, Promotion, Marketing, Talent and Presentation, Radio Careers - it's literally everything you are likely to need in radio.
Not only Dan's own talks are included here, there are keystone presentations by Nancy Wofstone,  David Lawrence, Doug Harris on Building the Perfect Radio Sales PromotionHarlan Hogan and Maggie Roswell, plus many more radio luminaries.
     DAN O'DAY's career
Dan began his career in Hollywood, determined to be a writer for the Smothers Brothers. He then signed up for the Bill Wade's School of Radio and TV (Bill was a key KHJ DJ) where he did air shifts, learned to broadcast properly and got his FCC engineer's qualifications. He later launched his own comedy writing service, mainly based on OBITS and his now famous O'Liners service.  
In 1977 Dan launched his now well known Whole O'Catalogue mail order service  selling copy to DJs, which grew into the LA Air Force.  That was one of the best ever production companies and it's still going strong today. At the end of the 1980s Dan was asked to present a seminar to DJs in Chicago, and he's still doing them.
Anyone who has seen Dan in action will tell you that he is well worth a couple of hours of any radio host's time. Now here is your chance to experience his best presentations and advice from the comfort of your own chair.
Take a look right now at his main page that lists what's available. Dan also has a page of 'Free Stuff' where you can download a couple of his seminars.  Worth a  few clicks!
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Dan ODay's Radio P{ersonality book
The collections are “must hear”  air checks from the kings of radio's golden years, and Dan's collections are probably the only place you will get to hear them. We strongly recommend this 2 hour audio programme, which is available as an instant download.
As a taster of Dan's excellent repertoire, you can get his teleseminar “Radio commercial Copywriting Secrets revealed' just by clicking on this link. Normally Dan's seminars run between one and two hours, but he has deleted from this some items that are no longer timely.
The rest of the material is as relevant now today as its always been. You really need to hear this advice to help you overcome the dreaded 'copywriters block'.
You don't have to risk a penny on these as they are all covered by a 60 day guarantee of complete satisfaction, or your money back. Plus you can listen to a free audio sample of his best seminars via Dan's site.  
Dan also has on offer extracts from his own collection of radio memorabilia. Many of his cuts are of DJs, promotions and radio stations that are rarely heard these days. People like The Greaseman, Charlie Tuna, Dan Ingram,  'The real Don Steele', John Landecker, Larry Lujack, Rick Dees, Gary Burbank (including his excellent 'Last day') the first week of legendary Los Angeles station, KHJ Boss Radio, plus the man who first put Rock and Roll on the air, Allan Freed.
  • How to make :30 spots work, 

  • How to use unmemorable numbers effectively within spots,

  • How to ask the right  questions during a 'discovery' session

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Most of the seminars Dan and his team speak at are 'stand room only' events that are discussed and remembered by those who were lucky enough to be there for many years.  In most cases what they learn at those seminars have a profound effect on their radio work.