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Alan gave a fascinating talk about the Ross Revenge Restoration Group, who were also represented by their figurehead, Radio Caroline's Chief Marine Engineer, PETER CLAYTON

Since the Ross Revenge was towed off the Goodwin Sands and into Dover, she underwent a long process of repair and restoration by a small group of people.

Alan's talk covered many of the challenges were (and still are) and how they are still being overcome. It was a wonderful "behind the scenes' look at Radio Caroline, from one of those who are in the thick of it and playing an important role in the saga of "Caroline Continues".

Radio Dag  (Radio Day)
a short history
Mike Spenser
Alan Beech
At the 2014 event, Hans and Martin were very proud to celebrate the biggest Radio Day ever,  with around 450 attendees. After all those years however, they could not ignore the advancing years, as everyone is growing older.

Quoting Walt Disney:  "Always leave them wanting more" they decided that the 2014 edition of the Radio Day would be the final one that they would organise.




the 2

017 Radio Dag 

The  2017 RadioDay will be held on May 20th in the newly restored warehouse “The Entrepot” in Harlingen. Peter Clayton, Mike Spenser and Alan Beech were among the guests who attended the Radio Dag 2017 event.
Mike Spenser, is the founder of Pirate Radio 603 which broadcast from the MV St.Paul in the Baltic Sea. He also made programmes for Laser Hot Hits. Mike is now the owner of a station broadcasting to London and Surrey on DAB called Radio TrashCan.

The 2017 Radio Dag event was hosted by Stevie Gordon who is flew in from Norway for the event.  Stevie was the last man to leave the Mi Amgo before she sank in March 1980. He also worked on the Voice of Peace in the Mediterranean and is the Chief DJ on Radio Seagull.

Don’t miss this important international event.  Pre-book your ticket for the RadioDay by sending an e-mail to


Offshore Radio Photographs





Martin van der Venn, Rob Olthof and Sir Hans Knot
Martin v.d. Ven, Rob Olthof and Sir Hans Knot



the 2

017 Radio Dag 

The  2017 RadioDay was held on May 20th in the newly restored warehouse “The Entrepot” in Harlingen. Mike Spenser and Alan Beech were among the key guests attending the Radio Dag  event.
Sir Hans Knot was one of the organisers of Zeezenders 20 at the end of July,1978, held at Noordwijkerhout conference centre, just north of Scheveningen.  This two day event was held over two days and was the first major offshore radio gathering.

After the success of ZZ20 Hans and Rob Olthof organised Zeezenderdagen, usually twice a year until 2000,  when it became Radio Dag. They were joined by Martin van der Ven and the Radio Dag events were staged in Haarlem or in Amsterdam.

In 2015 they handed over the reins to a new organisation; the 2017 Radio Dag is being held in Harlingen on Saturday 20th May. It will include a special broadcast of Radio Mi Amigo on 747AM, and feature boat trips across the harbour to visit the Radio Seagull lightship.

You can see a full timeline of the previous Radio Dag events HERE; it includes a list of the most important attendees. It reads like a 'royal family' list of offshore radio.
Mike Spenser on the St Paul, seen on Finnish TV
Alan Beech
Ome Cor, Radio Seagull tender
The good ship Ome Cor,
tendering Radio Seagull