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If you think a consultant is expensive, just wait until you see how much an amateur can cost you!
The full story of the most fun filled, action-packed radio ship of the 80s, 90s, and 00s. 
The MV Communicator was the base for ELEVEN radio stations during its  time on the North Sea, inland in Holland on the IJsselmeer and in Scapa Flow.  She saw fun, adventure, action and thrilling drama. Read all about it with stories told by the engineers, station owners and DJs who were there.

Radio Adventures of

the MV



This book has all the rip-roaring contents of a pirate tale of old, but this all really happened around the North Sea in recent memory.  Discover what really happened on the ship, from the mouths of those who did it!
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Laser Radio book
Laser Radio Programming book describes the radio programming policies and techniques of the major offshore stations, but especially Radio Caroline, Laser and the Laser project's 'grandad' whose style and fresh format inspired the founders, 1966 super station  - Swinging Radio England.
The Laser Radio Programming book covers both of the 80s incarnations of the station - Laser 558 and Laser Hot Hits.
LASER helped to revolutionise British radio. Its effects are still felt today and more Laser ideas may be put into action soon, as rules on radio are further relaxed.
This book is ideal for any offshore radio fan or those involved in radio programming.
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In 1995 Paul Rusling and his daughter Dawn co-edited a book  called Who's Who in British Radio. This was a directory of people working in the radio business, in front of and behind the microphone.  This sold so well they published a further edition in 2002 which was around 600 pages long.
Who's Who in British Radio 2002 met with considerable success, despite its hefty price tag of £29.95 per copy. For many years it has been an important reference work for people in the radio business.
The 1996 edition of Who's Who in British Radio is now out of print  and the 2002 edition is no longer on sale via bookshops, but we found a case of them in our warehouse and are now offering copies for a mere £7, including P&P.  You can pay by card / PayPal, but do it soon as, once these are gone, there will; not be any more. A great souvenir and details of many of the best known (and lesser known backroom boys and girls) in British radio.
Who's Who Front Cover book
Whop's Who Back Cobver book
The book is quite a thick one, with 576 pages of text and pictures of many of your favourites. It will give anoraks and radio afficonados many happy hours - it's also educational so some of you may be able to claim the cost back against tax! 
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Who's Who Turners
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Who's Who Katie Puckrick
An up-to-date "How To" guide for anyone thinking of starting their own radio station. It's a fully comprehensive guide that considers the very latest radio broadcasting scenario, where broadcasting has now split into two very different routes.
While traditional broadcasting via the ether has continued to thrive, the use of the internet to carry radio and TV programmes to the global audience has exploded. This is largely due to the medium of internet streaming being free of government licensing. Would be broadcasters need only comply with legal requirements regarding libel and slander, and pay copyright fees for commercial music they might broadcast. So far, over 100,000 stations have been launched.
The new Laser Radio Programming book has 175 pages describing radio programming policy and techniques of the major offshore stations, but especially Radio Caroline, Laser and the Laser project's 'grandad' whose style and fresh format inspired the founders, the 1966 super station - Swinging Radio England.
The book includes Laser's full Operations Manual and a discussion on the format, music playlisting, strap lines, trailer production and other techniques that Laser used to attract an audience of ten million listeners in the UK & Benelux.
The book also looks at how the Laser name, imaging and ethos has been used  to change radio since. There are details of radio ships YOU can visit; not one, not two but THREE radio ships! The book has a  full listing of all the Laser DJ's  biographies. Pictures too!
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The first directory of radio presenters was a 1966 Who's Who guide of DJs on the radio.
Sheila Tracy (herself a BBC voice) wrote the next one in the 1980s but it was a limited run and is hard to find.
Who's Who in British Radio