Tony was a singer in a regional dance band when he joined Radio Caroline as a DJ in July 1964. He achieved great success and was later lured to the BBC's Light Programme. Tony's was the first voice heard on the BBC's Radio One when it launched and his breakfast programme attracted over 20 million listeners, which led to him being a regular host on Top Of The Pops.
Over the years Tony has worked for over a dozen other stations, often at the same time as his BBC work. The BBC heirachy hated this and have tried to remove this daring rebel voice from 'their airwaves' on many occasions. 
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Mr Clean has always been 'the boy next door'
Tony Blackburns Autobiography
Tony's POPTASTIC autobiography is all about the stars he befriended, the rivalries in radio he endured, the friendships made, and broken, all told in his candid style.
Much as John Peel's book was a reflection of one style of DJing, so  this book explores Tony's unique brand of playing, presenting and enjoying music.
Without doubt, Tony is one of the best pitchmen ever in radio, but also one of the most sincere, whether talking about his love life or his beloved soul music, Tony is nothing if not totally sincere and he is believable.
His new Radio 2 shows in 2017 have made him even more popular than ever with record ratings fopr his slots.   Now is your chance to read about how Tony got his first break in broadcasting by joining Radio Caroline in July 1964.  Why did he have to climb over 100 feet to the top of the ship's mast?  Why did he join rival ship Radio London and those first days at the BBC, with the launch of Radio One.
As he has always been the 'Mr Clean' of the radio industry they have never had any grounds to do so. Tony has never been a philanderer and never been interested in young girls, or boys. Tony is a huge champion of soul music, radio in general and new technology.
In 2002 Tony's popularity was under lined when he was voted 'King of the Jungle' in the first 'I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here' TV series. He is regularly booked to appear at live events and on TV. Tony hosts a weekly 'Pick of the Pops'  on BBC Radio 2 as well as shows on several local stations.

Tony's Autobiography

My Life in



The UK's Iconic DJ for over 54 years

Tony Blackburn is undoubtedly the UK's bnest known disc jockey, with a career going back to the very early days of Radio Caroline.
Tony began his career on caroline in July 1964 - the firt record he played was Rag Doll by the Four Seasons. Tony has alwys bee one of the biggest supporters of black music and in the early days of 1965 was a leading supporter of Tamla Motown acts, who came over for a UK tour to mark the launch of the label in the UK.
He joined Radio London in Summer 1966 and the following year joined the BBC. He was the frist DJ on Radio One when the dstation launched in 1967 and hosted the breakfast programme for five years. He was one of the main hosts of Top of the Pops for 12 years, and became well known after being a regular guest on Noel Edmonds House Party.
Tony has constantly re-invented himself and is just as popular among millenials as he is with Generation X, thanks to regular appearances on the university dance circuit and being the first ever winner of the TV series "I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here." 
After a few years in commercial radio, Tony rejoined the BBC where he now hosts regular soul music programmes on BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Two, where he also hosts other high profile shows.
Tony Blackburn