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Well written and held my interest over three  evenings.  Once you pick it up you will not want to put it down.  An Anorak’s 'must have' book of fantastic facts about radio at sea!

I was intrigued especially to read about the time the Communicator left for Holland.  Paul was on the spot and “fleshes out” the names of the Dutch presenters etc involved.

Paul does deliver a very detailed and frank account of his work on the ship.

This book has pictures of many of the presenters, including the “Laserettes”, female broadcasters.  I am not sure if Laser popularised lady presenters, because there are many now on Smooth Radio, Virgin Radio, Absolute Radio, Radio 2 and 1 and others.  One thing Laser did do was to make radio stations in the UK sit up and eventually change their music formats.

The book has a good index, the hardback edition is well bound and looks great on my bookshelf.
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Keith The Wireless Waffler
ex-BBC Technical Assistant & Archivist

Once you pick it up, you just have to carry on reading. A must for anybody who lived through and enjoyed those magical offshore radio days.Excellent.
Bob Huckin,  Nottingham

I am very pleased with the book, it's very interesting, just as your first book. A lot of new stories I never heard before.
Kevin Reeks

It's a wonderful present for anyone interested in radio. I am enjoying the new book immensely
Richard Evans, Forest Radio

I can recommend the book. Good one  A very interesting read.
Ken Benbow, Hoddesden
This is a wonderful book; a must buy if you're a radio fan.
Paul Bedford,  Radio Replay

It's a wonderful present for anyone interested in radio. I am enjoying the new book immensely
Richard Evans, Forest Radio

A very entertaining & informative book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This would make a terrific Christmas gift. A brilliant read.
Bob Huckin, Nottingham

Well worth the money.... Don't miss out... will make a great Christmas present with a difference
Chris Dannatt
Legendary Anorak and DJ
Priate Radio Memories & Exhibition

First thing that struck me was the quality of the print and paper stock used, much better than some others I've encountered and the cover is gloriously coloured.A few hours of great reading in prospect
Mark Catman Titchen
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£24.95 Hardback
(Radio Adventures of MV Communicator)
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I bought my husband this for Christmas - BIG mistake. He was glued to it all Xmas and wouldn't put it down!
Sandra Kemp, London

What an incredible life that boat had.  Thanks for putting it out; amazing stories about the most exciting radio stations of our lifetime.
Pete Harrison, Norwich

This is a wonderful book; a must buy if you're a radio fan.
Paul Bedford,  Radio Replay

I read this and couldn't believe half of it. Checked out the strories, seems it's all true. What a great time. Wish i had lived in England then.
Terry Stampman
TV Producer

Really interesting book, I love it!
Tracey Ann Plaskett

Started reading it on the Ross Revenge. Wonderful Stuff !
Nick Jackson
Radio Caroline DJ

It's great insight to a wonderful ship and all who broadcast on her
Peter Hart, Watford

Really interesting book, I love it!
Tracey Ann Plaskett
Very interesting read . . . a good insight into the 80's & 90's scene, would recommend it to anyone interested in radio.
Euan Walker

The Communicator book's great !
Martin Davis, Welshpool

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A fascinating read. As an avid fan of Laser 558 during their operations, this insight to the workings and background of the station is brilliant. A few editing mistakes here and there, but nonetheless I simply can't put the book down during my very limited spare time!
Mr G J Arnold
Printed Book, 277 pages
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Eric Wiltsher and Communicator book