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CobraNet™’s software implements a protocol that combines one or more channels of audio into an Ethernet package, along with information about the audio such as the resolution. Ethernet is designed to carry bursty computer traffic.
The use of Ethernet for carrying real-time audio often yields less than real-time results that you may have seen in many network multimedia applications. The patent pending CobraNet™ technology orchestrates data transmissions, which results in real-time performance, higher utilization and a deterministic network.
CobraNet is ideal for the transport of multi-channel audio and control data. A network carrying audio and data between products of many manufacturers best serves the industry. Several progressive audio manufacturers have already licensed this technology.
If you have a project that you feel might benefit from CobraNet technology or if you are interested in licensing the technology for incorporation into your product line.
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Why is Cobranet useful?

There is a growing desire to build audio systems where signal processing and amplification components are distributed throughout a facility. Until recently this has been a difficult and expensive undertaking, as it requires a huge amount of cabling and conduit. CobraNet allows dozens of high quality digital audio and control data signals to be carried over commodity CAT-5 UTP or fiber optic cable, thus greatly reducing the cost of conduit and cabling in a facility (in a typical convention center, the cost of infrastructure can be reduced by up to $250,000).
Audio technology is moving from analog processing technologies to digital technologies such as Media-Matrix. However, it is still common to see most audio distribution and interconnection done in the analog domain. The performance of a system built in this manner is often limited by the performance of the numerous A/D and D/A conversions through the signal path
Many of the facilities where sound systems are installed are including data communications networks in their infrastructure. These networks carry computer files, cash register transactions, HVAC control, security, etc. Many of the audio industry's top designers see the advantages of also carrying audio over this type of infrastructure. Since CobraNet is a network, any audio input can be routed to any audio output in any combination.
A system can be reconfigured in real time, it can be expanded without rewiring the facility, the audio can remain in the digital domain throughout, and audio sources and destinations can be located anywhere.
In addition to carrying audio and the associated sample clock, control data can be carried over the same network. CobraNet allows control and monitoring schemes from different vendors to co-exist on the same network infrastructure
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