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What the experts say
It is a great book. I had some great evenings reading some interesting and historical things but also numerous new things I didn't know, so go for it and get your personal copy soon!
Hans Knot
Editor, International Radio News
This is a fascinating book with great detail about the many players involved in offshore radio. It spells out the details  . .  the best of times and the worst of times. I couldn't put the book down the morning that I got it!
Blake Williams
Radio host and film actor
It's BRILL and exposes many of the myths about Laser & the Communicator
Eric Wiltsher
Radio Exec and Laser expert
Well worth the money.... Don't miss out... will make a great  present with a difference
Chris Dannatt
Legendary Anorak and DJ
Pirate Radio Memories & Exhibition
First thing that struck me was the quality of the print and paper stock used,much better than some others I've encountered and the cover is gloriously coloured.A few hours of great reading in prospect
Mark Catman Titchen
Blake Williams had a good side career in the movie business  and can often be seen on celluloid and on the 'one eyed monster in the corner'.
Since 2006 he has appeared in quite a few movies, many have been on general release and are often seen on TV.
One example of Blake’s TV appearances is in the modern day TV western Longmire, which stars Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips.
Blake also appears in the movie Crazy Heart which stars Jeff Bridges. He can be seen in Did You Hear About the Morgans? alongside Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mary Steenbergen.
One film that he was in but never got to see  was a German film called "Friends".  It's about a couple of guys hitch-hiking across the USA and in this one Blake was an extra in a burger joint.
As well as regular work as an extra, Blake had bigger rolls in some independent films with speaking parts; he also worked a lot on sound, mainly in post production.
So look out for a true Laser star on the big screen and 'the one eyed monster' in your home!
Cowboy Blake Williams on TV scxreen

Blake on

TV & movie s


RIP  Blake Williams
(William 'Blake' Brodersen)
Our dear friend BLAKE WILLIAMS, one of the radio world's best ever engineers, and Disc Jockeys, passed away on 25th June 2017.  Following a bad asthma attack he suffered severe brain damage and had been  on a ventilator since last Thursday.  
​​Blake was not only an excellent DJ, he was a first class engineer and a lovely guy who would always help anyone out with anything; he seemed to get on well with everyone he met.
Blake was brought up on ranch run by his family near Mesa in Arizona, along with around 4,000 head of cattle. He was an excellent horseman who rode out with their cowboys from an early age,  but a tenth birthday present of a multiband radio started his lifelong love for radio.  Blake avidly tuned to stations from all over the world and particularly loved tuning in to the border blasters from Mexico after dark. 
He was determined to break free of  ranching, although he loved riding out the range with the cowboys, and he yearned to get into radio. he was a keen student of electronics and went to college in Arizona to study when he left school.
Blake built his own pirate radio station at his home near Tucson Arizona when he was only 16 years old. After leaving college he worked as an engineer, a producer and a disc jockey (often all at once!) at several stations in Tucson, including 93.7 KRQ and KHYT.

Blake's sojourn in Europe

Blake spotted our staff recruitment advert in Radio & Records in September 1983 and applied for an engineer's job. He flew over to Florida for an interview two days later and we immediately "hit it off".  He was on a contract at two stations in Arizona, but promised to be available as soon as possible. 
Blake was due to start work with Laser in November 1983 as Chef Engineer but was unable to make the transatlantic voyage in the ship, which sailed from Port Everglades on 18th Novermber.   
Blake flew straight to Dublin and met with Paul Rusling and the ship when she docked at the quayside in New Ross in  December 1983.  He settled in to life on the Communicator very well and didn't leave the ship at all until April in 1984.
Blake Williams riding out
Replay radio Blake Williams logo
Blake Williams on Radio Caroline
​​​​​​​​After his European journeys,  Blake went to work on a radio station out in Guam for a couple of years. He then moved back to the States where he farmed a few acres halfway up the mountainside in New Mexico with his lovely partner Dakota. Blake was an excellent horseman and both he and Dakota regularly took part in rodeos and broke in wild horses. Despite his equestrian success, he never left radio behind and ran a small station in Albuquerque and did air time shifts on another.
Blake also found work as an actor in about a dozen movies and TV series but he also shared my fascination for meterology, and my wife's interest in UFOs and the US TV series 'V' and 'Lost'.
He was also a staunch supporter and tireless worker of various radio projects with me.  He had several identities, among his best known were Blake The Cowboy,  aka The Deplorable Blaker and he would constantly enquire of anyone who would listen "Who is John Galt?"
In 2015 Blake had a horrific accident falling from his horse. Months of intricate surgery saw over two pounds of metal inserted to several joints, but after a bad time of his body rejecting it, the metal had to be removed. He was able to stand but not run or jump and vowed never to wide wild horses again, only well broke-in steeds.
By Easter 2017 he was off the crutches and able to walk with a cane, albeit with a slight limp. He was appalled what the accident had done to his shape though, promising to put on some weight. He was very proud of his lean figure and that he could still get into the same size jeans he wore in high school!
Radio was a good therapy for him and helped him to forget the pain when behind the microphone.  He was still producing regular programmes and heard in Europe on Replay Radio. He also did a lot of voice over work in the US and in Europe.
He had not felt at all well the last few weeks and after a severe asthma attack which caused brain damage, he had been on a ventilator since last Thursday.  At 11pm Sunday night, Mountain Time, he slipped away. After cremation, Blake's remains will be laid to rest with his father out in Arizona. 
Blake Williams Radio Caroline studio
Blake Williams on 729 test transmissions
While on board the MV Communicator he led the test transmissions on 729 AM - the other voices are Johnny Lewis  and Paul Rusling on the formal test announcements.  
He was very unhappy at the way the crew were being treated and had some furious arguments with Roy Lindau, Laser's manager in New York. As a result he left for a few weeks holiday ashore.  More details of Blake's period on the Communicator can be found in the book Laser Radio Programming, details are HERE.
During his break in the UK he was soon hired by Radio Caroline, broadcasting from MV Ross Revenge, anchored "just across the street" to the north of the MV Communicator.
Blake Williams on the air from the Communicator
He joined Radio Caroline at the end of May 1984 and was soon very much at home on the Ross Revenge, adding considerable enthusiasm and professionalism to its 'on air' sound and remote start buttons to the desk in the main studio! Blake was made Programme Organiser and hosted many shows himself.  Blake is seen on the EAP video production  "A Day in the Life of The Lady" . (see below) and the lasting memorable 'Caroline' whisper ID, still used to this day.
KXNM name plate board
Oasis Jazz 103.7
Sleep peacefully Dear Blake,
We'll never forget your friendship
Your memory will live forever

Blake on the radio in 2017

Blake was the driving force behind Albuquerque 'local' station KXNM, an 18 KW powerhouse serving Torrance County on FM. The station is also known as X-88.7 and Blake was Program and Operations Director.  Despite his accident he oversaw the installation of a brand new Nautel transmitter there last fall.
Blake also hosted airshifts at KKLD (The Cloud 95) and on a smooth jazz station KOAZ, The Oasis in Albuquerque on 103.7 and in Santa Fe on 95.9.
Many years earlier, Blake set the Arizona airwaves alight at several stations.  Two of these were KHYT and at KLPX where Brian Miller ('Killer Miller') was PD. He remembers Blake with great affection:
"KRQ and KHYT both had Top 40 formats while KLPX was, as it was called then, AOR (album oriented rock).  Blake and I shared a common love of all things audio . This was during the so called "Loudness Wars" in American radio. Who could hit peaks of104db on the mod monitor at least 10 times per hour! You want any sort of dynamic range? Forget about it!
"I'm still into vinyl, which as you know as been making a comeback here in the colonies as well as  in the UK. I still use the Discwasher that Blake gave me many years ago to clean the dust of my vinyl, and yes, there is a fair amount of dust here in the desert. Lots of radio folks here in Tucson fondly remember Blake and for good reason! He also worked at KWFM in Tucson which is now an 'Adult Hits' station "
"One of Blake's favorite songs (and bands) that we used to play at KLPX was "Fool's Overture" by Supertramp.
     We shall fight on the beaches
     We shall never surrender.  
Bloody well right mate!"
More recently, Blake also produced his "Sounds of Enchantment" programmes every week for REPLAY RADIO, an online station broadcast from Kent. They will be running 24 hours of Blake's shows this coming weekend as a tribute.
KXNM station sticker
Blake Williams  on Caroline

Blake Williams

Teasing Melinda,
a colleague on the Laser radio ship,
MV Communicator, in January 1984
Cowbly Blake Williams RIP
Cowboy Blake Williams in black stetson
Blake Williams and favourite horse
Blake on the Radio Caroline
'A day in the Life' video
An extract from Laser test transmissions from the Communicator on 729 AM in March 1984
Dakota and Blake
Blake on crutches and Miss New Mexico
Blake and Brodi th Persian
Blake and one of his best buddies, Brodi the Persian.
Blake and his pair of parrots
Blake and Brodi sleeping
All good Pirates have a passion for parrots!
Shhh, my daddy's sleeping!
Blake Newspaper article
Blake in Church
Blake's Casket
Blake at the Graveside
Blake's final journey

Blake's M


morial Service





at the Graveside