Expert reviews
A good supplement to the earlier publications from Paul Rusling about Laser and the Communicator. For those who don’t know how a real radiostation should be run it’s a 'must buy' book.
Hans Knot Radio Historian
I have just finished reading Paul Rusling's new book called Laser Radio Programming. Interesting, informative. Its a great read and a must for radio people.
Steve Marshall,
International Radio Solutions
Three Communicator Books
Welcome on Board
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£24.95 Hardback

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Laser ship The MV Communicator in Pampus
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great new books about LASER

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Part A  Mouth of the Thames

  1. Broadcasting from a ship .

  2. An Irishman’sToy

  3. The Gardline Seeker

  4. LASER 730 – Flying High

  5. LASER 558 – the launch

  6. Selling the Laser airtime .

  7. It’s Getting Better .

  8. Lifting the Lid Off Laser

  9. Waves of attack

10. Final Summer & Eurosiege

11. To Harwich for the Winter

12. MV Communicator For Sale




Part B  Inland Netherlands

15. Dutch privates become legal



      & HITRADIO 1224.





Part C   Scuppered in Scapa



One of the most action packed stories of offshore radio, told by those who were there!
It's a story with gangsters, crooks and fraudsters, a Government blockade on supplies, the dramas, an armed raid, 'middle of the night" boardings, take-overs and more. the heroes are the gallant crew of DJs and brave bunch of engineers who kept the music and entertainment flowing against all odds while a few landlubbers coined in literally millions or pounds and guilders. 
Told by some of the best known names in British and Dutch radio and put into context by Paul Rusling, who advised many of the stations. This was real life adventure on the High Seas; many of the full stories about these events are being told in print for the first time.
Exciting NEW BOOKS about Laser
Why did Dutch agents REALLY raid
Radio Caroline's ship,
the Ross Revenge? 
You can read the true answer.
Exclusively revealed in this exciting book !
Mailed to UK,
EU or RoW
(by Standard Mail  or Tracked) 
RADIO ADVENTURES of the MV Communicator
What the experts say
It is a great book. I had some great evenings reading some interesting and historical things but also numerous new things I didn't know, so go for it and get your personal copy soon!
Hans Knot
Editor, International Radio News
This is a fascinating book with great detail about the many players involved in offshore radio. It spells out the details  . .  the best of times and the worst of times. I couldn't put the book down the morning that I got it!
Blake Williams
Radio host and film actor
An Anorak’s must have book of fantastic facts at sea! A good index, the hardback edition is well bound and looks great on my bookshelf. 
Click here for Keith's full review)
Keith The Wireless Waffler
ex BBC Technician & Archivist
First thing that struck me was the quality of the print and paper stock used - much better than some others I've encountered and the cover is gloriously coloured. Hours of great reading!
Mark Catman Titchen
It's a great read; this will become  a collectors item. It really is a
fantastic read.
If you are a radio enthusiast you will love it. So get buying it everyone!
Dave Miller.  
Founder & operator of
The Super Station
Ideal gifts for radio lovers
MV Communicator broadcasting to the Netherlands
A fun-filled, action-packed
tale of dramatic events
and real-life adventure
on the High Seas
Over 200 pages
of swashbuckling excitement,
derring-do, & real piracy!
The inside stories telling how DJs on 11 radio stations wowed millions of listeners
and made a fortune for some.
Laser DJ Liz West
Dennis Jason Laser Hot Hits
Laser 558 DJ Liz West - read about
her time aboard the Communicator
Dave Lee Stone, on LASER 558
(DLS later joined Radio Luxembourg)

More books about the World of Radio

There are thousands of books about radio and we have reviewed some of those books that we believe may be of interest to you.  There are currently over 300 radio books in our library which we shall review over the next few weeks, so do visit our BOOKS section often.
Laser Radio  Programming  
Laser Radio programming covber
Laser Brandy Lee on poop deck
Brandy Lee in her Laser Hot Hits pullover
sat on the poop deck of the Communicator
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Laser Radio Programming contains copies of the various Laser Hot Clocks as used on the stations and other details, incl' scheduling, strap lines etc. These were the skeleton of the format that attracted TEN MILLION LISTENERS!  It will give you a good understanding of how radio programming works and what makes a successful radio station.
The new Laser Radio Programming book has 175 pages describing radio programming policy and techniques of the major offshore stations, but especially Radio Caroline, Laser and the Laser project's 'grandad' 1966 super station  - Swinging Radio England - whose style and fresh format inspired the founders, 
There's a reprint of Laser's full Operations Manual and a discussion on the format, music playlisting, strap lines, trailer production and other techniques that Laser used to attract an audience of ten million listeners in the UK & Benelux.
The book also looks at how the Laser name, imaging and ethos has been used  to change radio since. There are details of radio ships YOU can visit; not one, not two but THREE radio ships! The book has a  full listing of all the Laser DJs -  biographies; pictures too!
LASER helped revolutionise British radio. Its effects are still felt today and more Laser ideas may be put into action soon, as rules on radio are further relaxed.  
Laser Programming book
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(Radio Adventures of MV Communicator)
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A poorly managed offshore radio station was mooredin the North Sea in 1984 and attracted a huge audience, by simply playing what the audience wanted.
Laser’s  competitors howled in protest, but neither they nor the British Government could stop it. Eventually Laser’s own ineptitude and a mutiny by the crew saw the ship sail into port.  A year later a new crew relaunched it and Laser was back - bigger and better than ever.  Lack of investment, bad weather and some rotten luck saw the shipclose down again, but finally enjoy rich radio treasure in Holland.
Millions of listeners rued the day she sailed away, but the BBC and ILR stations finally reacted to Laser’s programming initiatives and started to win their audiences back.  Petty restrictions limiting the music on British radio were lifted and radio listeners were happy once again. Or were they?  Could an offshore station capture a big audience again? In Laser Radio Programming Paul Rusling examines why Laser was such a huge success in the eighties, and discusses Laser's effects on today’s radio.
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