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Books about Laser
and the MV Communicator
Thanks for requesting the FREE sample of LASER RADIO PROGRAMMING.  We are sending you a full chapter from the book - 16 pages of the Laser story told by those who were there, on the MV Communicator as she sailed into the Thames Estuary in 1984 when Laser changed radio listening forever.
Look out for the your FREE chapter download, which should arrive in about ten minutes or so.  If you don't receive it, check your junk or spam files, but if you are reading this then you should be fine.
We also have available the book telling the full story of the MV Communicator and all eleven  (yes, 11 !) radio stations that broadcast from her over her 20 year life as an offshore radio ship.  Its called the Adventures of the MV Communicator and really is a story of drama and high adventure at sea. Boardings, takeovers, threats, court battles. A blockade by the UK Government and a boarding by the Portugese authorities, but the ship "came good" when she was granted a licence by the Dutch, which led to her most successful period ever, making millions for Radio Veronica.  You can get full details of this book by clicking HERE, or on the cover of the book.
We have some inmteresting news coming up shortly and some incredible offers on brand new Laser merchandise. We shall ensure that you hear about it first.
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Thanks once again for requesting the free chapter of Laser Radio Programming.  It should be in your inbox shortly. 
Lucy Walker