The Laser Radio Programming book is dedicated to
the ten million listeners
who were enthralled by
the programming  of
the three Laser stations
broadcasting from the
Communicator in the 1980s
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Laser's phenomenal success as a radio brand has never really waned. Since Laser Hot Hits closed down after a ferocious winter storm in 1987, others have used the name for occasional broadcasts all over Europe. Clearly the Laser name still has a lot of magic! Many other pirate names too.
Now an enterprising group of radio experts and businessmen are  launching a new 'radio ship' venture with radio and TV channels and studios. The Pirate Radio Party Boat, a real craft of pleasure, will sail from port to port and be available for visits and performances. Singers and artists will record and film on board and some will perform live for invited audiences. 
The project is legal, it's safe to visit and will be appearing at dozens of ports around the UK with events and exhibitions open to the public. 
YOU could join the team and play a part in this exciting new venture. Or you could even be a guest of honour at the launch of the Pirate Radio Party Boat. 
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for the discerning Anorak.
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Channel 558

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A poorly managed offshore radio station sat off the Thames estuary in 1984 and attacted a huge audience, simply by playing what the audience wanted.
Laser’s  competitors howled in protest, but neither they nor the British Government were unable to stop it. Eventually Laser’s own ineptitude and a mutiny by the crew saw the ship sail into port.  A year later a new crew relaunched it and Laser was back - bigger and better than ever.  Lack of investment, bad weather and some rotten luck saw the shipclose down again, but finally enjoy rich radio booty in Holland.
Millions of listeners rued the day she sailed away, but the BBC and ILR stations finally reacted to Laser’s programming initiatives and started to win their audiences back.  Petty restrictions limiting the music on British radio were lifted and radio listeners were happy once again. Or were they? 
Could another pirate capture a big audience again?
In Laser Radio Programming Paul Rusling examines why Laser was such a huge success in the eighties, and discusses Laser's effects on today’s radio.
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Laser Hot Hits

After Laser's ship was brought into harbour her operators and owner simply abandoned her. The ship and entire radio station were arrested and sold at auction by the Admiralty Marshall.
Despite the cachet and reputation, the entire operation was sold for only £35,000, a remarkable bargain considering that well over $1.5 million had been invested to date.
The ship spent most of 1986 in harbour in Harwich and finally sailed back to sea in late November. She had ostensibly been sold by her lucky buyer, East Anglian Productions, to an associated Panamanian company, called Cord Cabo. 
This new organisation was owned by a consortium of local entrepreneurs plus former Laser DJ Paul Dean. They had lots of radio experinence and, given the low cost of entry, should have had a huge success with the reborn Laser. 
The Laser Hot Hits sales and support team included former Laser 558 team members John Catlett, Paul Fairs and John Cole. This time they were working without the New York office's constricting block on British adverts and they had offices in Texas as well as in New York and in London.
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Laser Radio Programming
A poorly managed offshore radio station sat off the Thames Estuary in 1984 and proceeded to attract a huge audience. All they did was broadcasts programmes that the audience wanted.
Laser’s  shore based competitors howled in protest, but neither  they nor the British  Government were unable to stop it. Eventually its own ineptitude and a mutinying crew  closed it and brought the ship into port.  A  year later the ship was back at sea once again, sounding better than ever.  This time it was to be a lack of investment, bad weather and some rotten luck that closed Laser.
The millions of listeners rued the day she sailed away, but the BBC and ILR stations finally reacted and started to put their own house in order.  Petty restrictions limiting the music on British radio were lifted and radio listeners were happy once again.
Or were they? 
Could another super pirate capture a large audience again?
Paul Rusling examines why Laser was such a huge success in the eighties, and comments on today’s radio programming.
(back cover of Laser Radio Programming)
To Arr is to Pirate
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Laser ship, MV Communicator
The new Laser Radio Programming book has 175 pages describing radio programming  techniques and the format adopted by the major offshore stations, but especially Radio Caroline, Laser and the Laser project's 'grandad' whose style and fresh format inspired the founders, 1966 super station  - Swinging Radio England.
There's a reprint of Laser's full Operations Manual and a discussion on the format, music playlisting, strap lines, trailer production and other techniques that Laser used to attract an audience of ten million.
The book also looks at how the Laser name, imaging and ethos has been used  to change radio since. There are details of radio ships YOU can visit; not one, not two but THREE radio ships! The book has a full listing of all the Laser DJs, complete with  biographies and pictures too!
LASER helped revolutionise British radio in the 1980s. Its effects are still felt today and more Laser ideas may be put into action soon, as rules on radio are further relaxed. 

Another new exciting book

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PLEASE HELP bring the
Pirate Radio Party Boat 
to a port near YOU
We've launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the costs of launch and have some amazing rewards and booty for our donors and contributors. These items of real treasure are only available to our Founders and will not be available after launch. 
Not everyone can be a pirate, not everyone can be a donor to the cause, but if you want to help us, just press a few taps on your keyboard and you can send news of our campaign to friends, on Facebook or other social media.
Please, do something to make the Pirate Radio Party Boat a reality and go to the crowdfunding page today.
We look forward to welcoming YOU on board.
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Pirate Radio Party Boat

Pirate Radio Party Boat itinerary
Click map to enlarge
The PIRATE RADIO PARTY BOAT will have radio and TV studios plus film facilities on board. It will be the home of multiple radio and TV stations and also house recording studios for musicians as well as be available for production of music videos.
The Pirate Radio Party Boat  will sail from port to harbours around the UK all year round spending a couple of weeks in each. Broadcasts will take place live from the ship.
The public will be invited to tour the facilities during the day and in the evening the ship's restaurant will be available for dining. There will also be a performance area for artistes to perform their latest material. The restaurant will also be available for lectures and educational purposes during the day and there will also be exhibition space. 
Although heavilly themed with an air of PIRACY, this is a totally legal operation. No laws will be broken - unless they bring in a law against having lots of FUN! This pirate radio ship is 100% legal.
The Pirate Radio Party Boat will be of appeal to all ages and music tastes. On offer will be pure entertainment, with a pirate theme, using pirate radio memorabilia as a core item.  Not many people remember real buccaneering days of piracy, when ships wandered the high seas plundering cargo, except what they've seen in a Disney film or on a fairground ride, but almost everyone remembers PIRATE RADIO, a phenomenon of the 60s and 80s.
The Pirate Radio Party Boat operation will develop close links with other media and have a high public profile. Local radio, regional TV and newspapers are always looking for good stories and we shall provide a constant flow of useable material, promoting the Pirate Radio Party Boat and make it a ‘must visit’ destination for people of all ages.
Pirate themed toys are among the most popular items chosen by children. Short trips on pseudo-pirate boats are the most popular rides at many seaside resorts.  We are certain our Pirate Radio Party Boat trips will be very popular in every port we visit.
Everybody wants  to be a pirate!
We are going to bring piracy, fun and excitement to a harbour near YOU. This will be the hottest ticket in town, and like all good pirates, it won't be around for very long. 
Make sure you don't miss  the Pirate Radio Party Boat when it visits your harbour! 
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Pirate Radio Party Boat