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Paul Rusling made his broadcasting debut over 40 years ago and since then he has worked for a wide variety of radio stations, equipment suppliers and governments, mainly in Europe.
He has spoken at major international conferences on the radio, written for magazines and newspaper and published several books.  He is in demand by many conventional radio stations to find new ways to broadcast and help them commission new services.
Paul has been writing about radio since the 1970s and was the UK correspondent for the prestigious World Broadcast News for many years as well as host of a monthly Radio column in the DJ's monthly MixMag.
You can read more about Paul's career in radio on his own web site, Blog or Facebook page.
Meet The Author
A million stations on the web?
Internet Radio
stations are carried by cable and satellite to almost every part of the world and its certain the expansion will continue well beyond a million or more stations within the next few years.
A look down the list of chapters (on the left) shows that this is a comprehensive study of Internet Radio, not just a 'throw away' short booklet. There are over 75,000 words of solid advice, (more in the eBook edition!)
We reasoned that those interested wanted the facts and information, rather than pretty pictures, so that's precisely what's in both versions.  There are some logos but the book concentrates on the details and explanations of the aspects of getting a radio station operational, how to make it thrive and operate successfully.
This book doesn't just tell you WHAT to do, it also explains WHY, in order to give readers a far deeper understanding of the radio business. You can enrol on two radio courses in the USA to get much less advice on this topic. One costs two thousand dollars, and the other is $1,500.  This book Internet Radio 2016 has all the information you need to know, a bargain at these prices!
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While traditional broadcasting via the ether has continued to thrive, the use of the internet to carry radio and TV programmes to the global audience has literally exploded, with there now being around 100,000 stations broadcasting around the world. 
Free radio voices
Online radio is FREE RADIO, as internet streaming is completely free of government control or licensing. Over regulation is often the noose that strangles any new business, especially media.  Would be Internet Radio broadcasters need only comply with legal requirements regarding libel and slander, and pay copyright fees for commercial music they broadcast. Internet Radio stations are free to broadcast at will and so they have mushroomed.
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1. What is Radio?
2. History of Internet Radio
3. Economics
4. The Future of Internet Radio
5. Transmission of Programmes
6. Types of Licence
7. Music Copyright
8. Programme Formats
9. Common Radio Formats
10. Premises
11. Programme Sources
12. Sourcing Equipment
13. Software
14. Music Downloads
15. Basic Parameters
16. Bandwidth
17. Main Transmission Systems
18. Other Streaming Services
19. On Demand
20. Listings.
21. Funding & Sales
22. Recurring Costs
23. Audience
24. Station Name
25. Search Engines
26. Audio IDs & Jingles
27. Staff
28. Scheduling
29. Content
30. Promotion
31. Social Media
32. Consultants
33. Bibliography
34. Other resources
35. Training
36. Web Guides
37. Glossary
38. Message from the Editor

Internet Radio 2016

Sections & Chapters
  • Sections include -

  • Microphones
    & Processing
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Internet access
  • News Features
  • S
  • Soundproofing studios
  • Desking & studio furniture
  • Automation equipment 
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Internet Radio 2016 includes expert advice on formats, sales, staffing, programming,   Promotion AND Marketing, plus all the equipment your radio station needs, and where to best source it.
Paul now sees Internet Radio as the new radio frontier.  A firm believer in the proliferation of radio stations, he predicts an avalanche of stations, giving everyone who wants to have a broadcasting voice the opportunity to be heard around the world.
Paul's team of associates in WBC (Worldwide Broadcast Consultants) have assisted with a wide variety of radio stations on licensing, admin', programming, engineering and operation.
This book spells out exactly how to build, launch and operate your own Internet Radio station. What sort of kit to buy and where to get it. And how to make YOUR Internet Radio station a huge commercial success.
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Internet Radio 2016, or How to Launch and Operate your own Station, (web, online, internet or streaming) is the latest  up-to-date guide to one of the most exciting new media opportunities. 
The book is not only new, it's a fully comprehensive guide that considers the very latest radio scene, where the methods of broadcasting programmes has divided into two very different routes. And its now available as a hard copy book, or as an E-Book, both versions are available now for immediate despatch.
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Internet Radio 2016

Guide to Online Radio

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