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GNR to stay
on Medium Wave

Christian station Groot Nieuws Radio in Holland has abandoned plans to close down its giant Medium Wave transmitter, as had been announced in the media. 

The station, which broadcasts with a 200 kilowatt signal on 1008AM from a site just North East of Amsterdam, was being forced to move to DAB by the transmission company abandoning all its AM sites, however GNR has won a reprieve for two years, to 2017. During that time it will look at boosting its DAB+ coverage, but the 1008 AM signal will remain on the air until September 2017.

The station has however been served notice to quit the site on Flevopolder and is now seeking new transmission arrangemants. 

Holland's last public service station, Nostaligia 747  on AM closed a year ago. Nostalgia has been broadcasting with 400 KW on 747 AM for several years.

Meanwhile hobby radio is flourishing in the Netherlands with over two hundred small stations now licensed to use either 30 or 100 watts on a variety of medium wave frequencies.  

Disc Joickey sat at desk
"InRadio included parody songs, spoof commercials and highlight the best of all kinds of radio from around the world.”  inRadio carried a number of radio podcasts, such as The RadioToday Programme with Trevor Dann, the Earshot Creative Review with Steve Martin, The Media Podcast with Olly Man and David Lloyd’s Radio Moments.

inRadio broadcast hourly news updates and some exclusive programmes, plus segments of archive audio such as bloopers, air checks and comedy radio sketches.

Sadly the station closed down in early 2018 due to low audience response.

A new logo and a Europe-wide standard for digital radio has been announced.  All the major manufacturers have agreed to build radios in future to the European standard.

Over a  year before it must stop its FM transmissions, one of Europe's largest radio station operators began closing down its FM  transmitters. 

Bauer Media switched off its Kiss and Radio Rock stations in Norway.  The two stations are now only heard on  DAB+ or online. 

Bauer Media said that they wanted to accelerate the transition to DAB as this will save them money.  As well as the cost of transmission, Bauer will save on programming too. Local programmes are being stopped and Bauer now only operate one national channel.

Bauer pulls out 
A new radio station aimed at people working in the radio industry launched in Spring 2016.  It was run by radio industry news organisation RadioToday.

inRadio is “Radio about radio” and includes the latest radio and entertainment news and features of interest to anyone who has an interest in radio.

RadioTodayLive has also used  the channel to broadcast from a number of events. Broadcast Radio, the new name for P Squared, is the main sponsor of the station.

Roy Martin, Managing Editor of inRadio said “It’s always puzzled me why the radio business doesn’t have a radio station of its own. Even dogs have their own radio station!

“We’re looking to the radio industry to provide content to promote their station. Daily breakfast show trailers, station montages or even award entries which highlight stations are welcome.

10 DAB trial areas' success
All ten new areas in the small scale DAB experiment are now broadcasting, with the Portsmouth multiplex also carrying some DAB+ transmissions, the first in the UK.

OFCOM chose to ignore small areas where new entrants could have really made a difference, such as Margate, Hull and Scarborough. Indeed, Yorkshire, like many areas, was completely ignored in OFCOM's plans.

The successful applicants now on the air are:

Angel Radio, bringing Angel Xtra, Express FM, JAMM Radio, Mango Vibe, The Flash and Triple Hits to Portsmouth.
BFBS Aldershot, bringing BFBS Aldershot, BFBS Radio, BFBS Gurkha, Radio Frimley Park, Radio Woking and The Breeze to Aldershot.
Brighton & Hove Radio, bringing Juice 107.2, Radio Reverb, Smile Sussex, Totallyradio, Resonance and Brighton City Student Radio to Brighton & Hove.
Celador Radio, bringing Hub Radio, BFBS Gurkha, Ujima Radio, BSR 103.4fm, BCfm 93.2, Somer Valley Radio, The Breeze and BFBS Radio to Bristol.
Future Digital Norfolk, bringing Future Radio, Norwich 99.9, The Music Machine, Solar Radio, Jazz FM, Totallyradio and Future Plus to Norfolk.
Niocast Digital, bringing Panjab Radio, Revolution 96.2, Manchester Business Radio, The Steve Penk Wind-Up Channel, Chris Country and Gaydio to Manchester.
Switch Radio, bringing Switch Radio, Scratch Radio, Gaydio, Oak FM and Touch FM to Birmingham
Scrimshaws Information Directories, bringing Your Radio, Celtic Music Radio, Pulse FM and Go Radio to Glasgow.
U.DAB, bringing Resonance, London Greek Radio, Rinse FM, NuSound Radio, Reprezent, Solar Radio and Crackers Radio to London.
UKRD, bringing Star Radio, Gaydio, Chris Country, Core Radio and Cambridge 105 to Cambridge.

UPDATES:  The 9 month trial was extended to 2 years in March 2016. The Government  passed a new law in 2017  authorising  expanding the small scale DAB network to around sixty stations. OFCOM invited expressions of interest in Summer 2018.

DAB Stations in Manchester

Manchester DAB mux carries 28 stations

Amazing Radio has become the latest station to stop broadcasting on DAB, saying that it saw its brand as being a global one, rather than local. It "thought it made sense to keep ‘proper radio’ in the mix, even though most people now listen online and on apps, and our London audience is a tiny proportion of the total."

The station disappered from DAB radios in London following fanancial disagreements with the MUX owner, SwitchDigital, who claimed they were pulling the stations feed for  non payment of carriage bills, as it was unfair to give anyone preferential treatment.

"As Amazing Radio expanded and listenership became ever more global, we wondered if it made sense to spend so much money on a limited platform in one city," said a station spokesman. 

"Today phones can put every radio station in pockets and cars. Do we really serve new music best with London DAB?"




another station

Online DJ school advert

1KW AM station 
selling for $6.2m
Korean Radio ID
A low power Class C AM station, KYPA in Los Angeles,  is being sold for over $6m. 

If the deal goes through, new owners, the Woori Media Group, will continue to broadcast for part of the day in Korean, a language already on three other radio stations in the city. LA has the largest number of Korean speakers in the USA. The current owners, Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, say that a tower lease agreement of $6,500 every month is part of the transaction.

The station has a long history in the city, coming on the air in 1927 and it was thought to be the last one in the USA to transmit using a T Aerial.

Radio 1230 AM  is on 1230 AM and has a directional pattern to protect other stations also on 1230. The transaction requires FCC approval as its being sold to a consortium which includes two South Korean businessmen.   There are two other stations in LA that broadcast entirely in Korean - KMPC and KFOX.

The Swedish Government have
decided to postpone indefinitely the closedown of FM radio stations in the country after hearing that the take up of the new DAB + radios has so far been very slow.

It is not expected that even half of all radio listeners will be equipped with DAB radios before 2022 or even later.

The Swedish Parliament hed  that there were over 10 million FM radios still in every day use.  They were very concerned that if these are switched off the country would lose its VMA alarm system, which is used in national disasters.

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Roberts Radio Receiver




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The London-based dance music station run by the Ministry of Sound has closed most of its outlets.

Although some shows can still be heard on Tune-In, where it recently had 480,000 followers, the station's other outlets are running a looped announcement telling listeners that "Ministry of Sound Radio is no longer broadcasting. The station was previously on DAB and online. 

Ministry of Sound

closes radio station

Dutch radio listening figures
Internet Radio book


uide to


YOUR own station

The Ministry of Sound web site shows a page saying: "MoS Radio is taking some time off the air while we work on exciting new projects.  We look forward to sharing with you the next stage of Ministry of Sound and want to thank you for listening."

MoS Radio was previously was heard on DAB in London and also in some parts of Scotland but was replaced by the Yorkshire Galaxy FM in 2002. It's now become a Capital outlet.

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"A group of prominent American record labels have filed a lawsuit against the Belgian online radio carrier Radionomy, which also owns Winamp and Shoutcast. In their complaint the record labels accuse Radionomy of promoting and facilitating acts of mass copyright infringement by hosting 'pirate' radio stations of its users."

Radionomy is an online transmission provider, carrying tens of thousands of radio stations.

Radio 538


the leading Dutch



Top Dutch hit music station Radio 538 has increased its lead on its rivals and
remains the biggest commercial radio station in the Netherlands. 

It vies for top slot with National pubcaster Radio 2  - they each have about 12% of listening.   Q-Radio and Sky have less than 10% share while Radio 10 is catching these up fast. 

Other private stations such as Veronica and 100%NL form a 'third tier' with less than 4% share, but EPower has surged to a 6% figurea after an intense period of clever marketing.

Manchester has become one of the best served radio markets in the UK. The Manchester minimux now carries 28 radio stations.

This expansion hs been made possible by its adoption of the DAB+ system. Some older DAB radios will not be able to resolve the programmes, but all modern DAB radios should be fine.

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AM Radio dial
April was quite a month for Royalty on the radio in the UK.  HRH Prince Michael of Kent  dropped in at the HighWays England HQ studio which serves BBC local radio stations in the London area.  He joined traffic presenter Sylvie Blackmore as she presented travel bulletins for BBC Radio Surrey at the Godstone studio and saw miles of jams caused by an accident at a nearby junction.

The previous week, HRH Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge visted BBC Radio 1 to promote their  'Heads Together' mental health campaign. During a chat with DJ Scott Mills,  the Prince confided that he was a regular listener to Radio 1, but said that perhaps in view of his age he should now be moving over to Radio 2.

He also said he listens to Scott's Innuendo Bingo feature. His wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, admitted that she had no idea what "Innuendo Bingo" was.

The Prince also said that he often texted in to the station "though always from the side of the road or a layby; I never text while I am driving. It's illegal that is!"  He said that he always used an alias when texting in, which was often in the mornings while on his way to work.

"I did get a shout out, yes, it was from Adele (Roberts) just the other day. I also got a shoutout ages ago from Sara Cox. I felt very privileged," he told Scott.

HRH Prince William on Radio 1

Royalty on the radio

FM shutdown cancelled


The expansion of small scale DAB radio in the UK has finally received the 'Green light' from both the Queen and Parliament.

A private members bill promoted by MP finally received the Royal Assent from HM The Queen at the very end of the Parliament.

Her Majesty's signature on the bill enables the DCMS (the Government department responsible for cultural affairs, which includes radio) to instruct OFCOM, its agents, to start licensing more small DAB multiplexes. 

A trial phase of small scale stations covering ten areas was launched three years ago and has been very successful. It offers both DAB+ and the much older DAB transmission to listeners in Portsmouth, Manchester, etc.  OFCOM are now inviting applications for new small scale DAB stations.

Green light for 



OFCOM Small DAB trial

Millionaire UKIP funder Arron Banks has abandoned his plans to float an offshore radio station off Clacton during the General Election.

The man who funded UKIP's referendum campaign to the tune of £1 million last year was going to stand for election as the town's MP after incumbent Douglas Carswell said he was standing down.  After meeting with the local UKIP branch, Mr Banks suddenly said that he wouldn't be taking part after all.

Banks and his team including DJs Mike Read and Andy Wigmore had announced to the press they had a trawler ready and only needed a speedboat to ferry the DJs ashore. 

(No regard seems to have been given to the legislation about offshore broadcasting or canvassing during an election campaign. Indeed, nothing was mentioned about any radio equipment!)

UKIP FM  stillborn

DBA Radio with DAB+
A new transistor portable will probably be needed for DAB+ reception. This sleek looking model from AZATOM runs off the mains or its own batteries, and it will pull in the latest DAB+ stations as well as the older DAB channels. 

The Azatom also has the standard FM band and a radio alarm feature. There are 20 preset channels  to store your favourite radio stations.

The Azatom's display has scrolling text and station indication - no more wondering what the radio station you are tuned to, or what it is they are playing. The unit is only £29.99 - click on the picture above for more details or to order one direct from Amazon.
"And with Amazing Record Co. releases aired on BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, 6Music, Kerrang, Planet Rock and XFM (so far), should we also be a terrestrial station?"

"So with heavy hearts but clear minds we came off London DAB last Friday. People kept tweeting – not about DAB, but about the awesome music they were still discovering. That’s what counts."
DAB Car Radio advert
Radio 5 on 747AM Holland
News from the World of Radio
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KBC Radio linbk
Even when those 28 stations are broadcasting, the mux won't be full, there will still be room for a few more broadcasters!

Nine new services are being added soon, including Vinejuice, Radio Diamond and Trafford Sound; community stations Fever FM, Radio Sangam and Flame CCR; Mi-Soul; nineties revival station NonStop90s; and Likwid – described as ‘free flowing music to open your mind!’.

It’s the only multiplex in the world to carry as many services – and is made possible by almost all of stations transmitting via DAB+.

Niocast Digital’s Director of Operations, David Duffy said: “We are delighted to be able to give more services the opportunity to bring their content to listeners via our DAB platform. We are now adding to the variety and choice of listening in Manchester with another nine fantastically diverse radio stations”.

Niocast’s Director of Programming and Content, John Evington: “DAB promised higher quality than FM and more listener choice but failed dismally on both counts. Many of the ‘new’ services were simply brand extensions of existing stations – some of them in mono and relying on ‘clunky’ automation systems. I think it’s fair to say that, for most listeners, the first impression of DAB was disappointing.

“The game changer for us is the adoption of the more efficient DAB+ standard which means we can address both of the historical shortcomings of DAB by delivering high quality audio whilst, at the same time, bringing a greater number and range of services to air”.
DRM logo  in DRM standard Blue

Pirate Radio Party Boat
      coming soon to
      a harbour near YOU
The PIRATE RADIO PARTY BOAT will have radio and TV studios plus film facilities on board. It will be the home of multiple radio and TV stations and also house recording studios for musicians as well as be available for production of music videos.

The Pirate Radio Party Boat  will sail from port to harbours around the UK all year round spending a couple of weeks in each. Transmissions will take place live from the ship.

The public will be invited to tour the facilities during the day and in the evening the ship's restaurant will be available for dining. There will also be a performance area for artistes to perform their latest material. The restaurant will also be available for lectures and educational purposes during the day and there will also be exhibition space. 

Although heavilly themed with an air of PIRACY, this is a totaly legal operation. No laws will be broken - unless they bring in a law against having lots of FUN! This pirate radio ship is 100% legal.

FCC Warning to Pirates

The FCC’s mission of shutting down pirate broadcasters continues. Anslo Alezy of Irvington and Lawrence Mason of East Orange were both warned to turn off their stations by the Commission. Alezy was accused of operating an illegal station at 88.1 FM from his home in Irvington, NJ,  and Mason was accused of operating his pirate radio station at 107.9 from his building in East Orange. Both were given ten days to respond to the government and shut down their radio stations.
BBC Sounds app pictures
The BBC is replacing BBCiPlayer with a new app, called BBC SOUNDS.

The new app brings together live radio, podcasts and other 'on demand' recordings and has options to select output by type - such as science and technology, or various music genres. 

The app is available to download now on iTunes, and will have a full launch when some refinements are completed.






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Majority Barton
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This is a classic-looking radio, with a wood-finished cabinet,  offering ultra-modern performance. With its wood effect finish the Majority Barton would make a great addition to your home, in the lounge, the kitchen or the bedroom, as its alarm and clock features are just what you need for a gentle early morning wake up call.

The Majority Barton wood-effect radio has punchy audio that rivals that of much larger radios. It has digital (DAB & DAB+) and FM radio reception - with 20 (10 DAB+ & 10 FM) easy to use channel presets.

The Barton's upright style and small footprint makes it great for in the kitchen or bedside areas where space is often limited. You can set the Barton to wake yuou up with your favourite radio station, or an audible alarm.

Automatic time set - When you plug the clock in for the first time, the current time will be immediately shown in the display. Other features on the Majority Barton include: alarm clock, sleep function, clear LCD display, earphone socket, telescopic aerial, and a simple auto-scan tuning feature, very useful to find new stations that often pop up on the DAB bands without gret fanfare.

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Majority Barton DAB Radio

New Director

of England role

Helen Thomas has been appointed Director of England at the BBC. She will have control over all the BBC's 39 local radio stations as well as regional TV operations in her new role.

Helen began her career in ILR before joining the BBC, then Yorkshire TV. While Managing Editor at Radio Humberside she oversaw the regional TV operatrion linking East Yorkshire into Lincolnshire

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